Sunday, 25 May 2008

felted bag

I've been contemplating making a felted bag for quite a while. When I saw this beauty, my mind was made up. I even have some of the Cleckheaton Vintage wool, although in a different colourway. Will keep progress posted.. As I knit the base, I keep thinking of possible different stitches for the unfelted part. Sort of an old fashioned embroidery sampler. I have such a sampler and am fascinated by the detail in it. It's in the form of a dolls apron and has probably two dozen different stitches including hemstitching on it. All done in superfine silk thread on fine lawn. Unfortunately, its condition has suffered over the years.

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Susie M said...

Glad you like my Yurt Bag. It's a fun design with lots of scope for personalising it.

Sharon of has knitted one too. She and I have been working out the text for a "proper" pattern, and I hope to have that on my blog and on Ravelry soon.

Good luck with yours - I'd love to see how it goes!