Monday, 19 May 2008

more wristwarmers

DIL has a birthday coming up in a few weeks. She's been complaining about the cold lately, so I thought another pair of wristwarmers might be part of her present. This wool is Mystique from Bendigo Mills. Merino, mohair and alpaca. I had already made her a panta headband from it, so chose this to match. The colour is really a slate blue, more muted than shows here.

The second photo is pretty bad as they haven't been blocked, so it's curled in on itself,but it gives some idea of the size. She's tall, six', and her limbs are made to match. She's very slim, but long legged. Even her hands are long and slim and i wanted the warmers to be cosy. Ribbing, hand part with insertion eyelet lace from my new book, Lace and Eyelet Stitches by Erika Knight and moss stitch around the top. I gave them to her this afternoon and she hasn't yet taken them off after about two hours. She's been sitting still reading, so has had warm hands to hold the book. I've written the pattern up, but need to check it before I post it.

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