Friday, 2 May 2008

sheer bliss!

It's been chilly here. No, downright cold in the mornings. The temperature where I now live is about equal to Sydney suburbs like Campbelltown and Richmond. Much lower than the forecast temperature for Sydney which is lower than here. We are up reasonably high.

It was particularly cold on my morning hike to the station last Tuesday. This is May and there's a way to go with winter yet. Morning walks to the station at 6:00 am will be cold.

So I made myself some wristwarmers. These are luxurious on my hands. Pure alpaca, so I'll have to be careful washing them. Rib at the wrist, then the back of the hand has a super simple mesh pattern of four rows, thumb stitches picked up later, and moss stitch around the top.

They feel wonderful. Today is windy, but not particularly cold. I didn't want to take them off after taking photos. I can see them getting a lot of use.

The colour of the photo showing the mesh pattern is much more accurate than the first photo. It's alpaca from bendigo mills. Colour is called Briar Rose. It's soft and squishy to knit and I'm happy with them. I undid the moss stitch on the first wristwarmer as it gaped a bit. I made the top of the glove part around the hand several stitches smaller and it now fits nicely.


Lynne said...

They're beautiful.
Last night I sat in front of the computer with a scarf round my neck. The hand-knitted jumper I was wearing over a spenser didn't have a collar so my neck was cold! And, as you say, it's only May!

TinkingBell said...

OOOh! Very nice - lovely for the cool mornings - I made a gardening friend some from Jo Sharp Silk Road and they are standing up brilliantly to the abuse she dishes out to them!