Wednesday, 9 July 2008

black socks

Some time ago, I wrote about being admonished by seven year old granddaughter. My socks did not match my shoes! Horror! Didn't I have any black ones?

Now I do have black socks. I finished them last night as wore them this morning to breakfast in the city with a couple of interstate friends. They were nice and warm on a very cold morning for Sydney. Sullivans wool from Lincraft which was fine to knit with. I don't like some other Sullivans products but this was OK. Certainly not luxurious like some sock wool can be, but then i didn't pay luxury price either. I had trouble seeing the wraps when knitting under artificial light. They could have been finished sooner if I could have done heels and toes at night. Both are garter stitch for a change and to make some point of interest in what are otherwise plain vanilla socks. Or should that be aniseed rather than vanilla because they are black?

The ball was 120 gm, no length given. I made longish cuffs, about 8" to be warm and still have just under 50 gm left by the scales.

Photos are not good. Haven't had much success lately. I can't blame the light, it was good. I hope my camera doesn't need attention. OK... I've replaced the original photos. These are better, but not wonderful. I take much better photos outside but it's too cold and windy to go out just for a photo. Somehow I had accidentally moved the setting on the camera. it's a wonder it worked at all.

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