Wednesday, 6 August 2008

all wrapped up in sheepy paper

I arrived home this afternoon to find that my daughter-in-law had finally been able to get to their Post office box. They've both had the flu. Sitting on the stairs waas a parcel for me.

It was from Georgie and Grace as a prize for being the closest guess of the time Grace would be born.. It was all wrapped in some grassy green paper with lambs on it. Beautiful roses on a card announced it was from Georgie and Grace.

Georgie certainly picked as if she had known me for years. The lovely sock yarn from the Happy spider is in one of my favourite colours. It feels beautiful. I have a couple of patterns in mind for socks, but think I'll let it sit on my desk where I can stroke it for a few days and see what it may tell me.

Not shown is a small organza bag of lovely little stitch markers in blue and pink. As I've broken and misplaced a few lately, these are most welcome. I think I accidentally pushed the bag out of the picture when I leant over my desk to take a picture. Do you see the cute felt needle case? Wool needles inside. The booklet has knitter's graph paper pages. I printed out some a few years ago, but here's my own supply. And the pen? It has a sheep on the clip and another on the pen. Nici at the Jolly Mäh, (site is mostly in German). This morning I discovered the pen I have been using at my desk for many months now is almost finished. Just in time arrives another. This is doubly welcome. I have arthritis in my fingers as well as many other joints. Fingers have been sore and swollen for several days, so they will apppreciate the comfortable soft grip on the pen.

Thanks again Georgie. Best wishes to you and yours and blessings on little Grace.


Anonymous said...
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Lynne said...

Wow! that is a great collection of wonderful things. Congratulations to you and well done Georgie.

Georgie said...

How lucky on so many fronts! Im so glad you like it. I forgot to tell you the needle case is from quiltingmick - arent we lucky to know such beautiful craftspeople as her and Happy Spider?