Sunday, 3 August 2008

fishbone socks finished

A present finished early! Five weeks early, in fact. Now I just need to block them and put them somewhere safe for five weeks. Not too safe, or else I might lose them. LOL.

These are done in Opal, two different lots, bought back in 2003 0r 2004. My pattern, done using five needle so each pattern repeaat fitted neatly on its own needle. The fishbone pattern comes from Erica Knight's, Lace and Eyelet Stitches. I would much rather use a total of four dpns, but five suited this pattern and helped my head to keep the pattern sorted.

I've put my hand inside the needle and stretched it out a bit so the detail of the fishbone can be seen. Unfortunately, fingers have given it a decidedly peculiar shape. I need to block these, but fancy, five weeks early for a present.

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Lynne said...

Well done you. Lovely colour, pretty pattern and five weeks early - hooray!