Tuesday, 12 August 2008

learning from history? NOT!

Someone once noted that the one thing we learn from history is that we don't learn from history!

How true, unfortunately. DIL had the flu last week and now I'm sick. It started to come on last Saturday and I had yesterday and today off work and may very well take the next two days as well. That wraps up this week for me. Shivers, aches, headaches, sneezes, high temperature - the lot. We've both had it and I still have all the above symptoms, despite bedrest, staying warm, drinking lots etc.

Yesterday I decided to carry on with a hat I had started last week. That was a bad mistake. It wasn't a hard thing to do. it just needed attention to detail and some counting stitch repeats. I should have known that a head full of cottonwool does not count well. I had done about eight cm when I had a good look at my work. Now I tell people to check every couple of rows so mistakes are easily caught and corrected. Did I do that? No.

I discovered I had gone blithely on and had moved the pattern repeat over by one stitch, not just once, but twice. AAARGH! Nothing for it but to rip it all out. Two morals to this little tale. Check work often. Don't do things which need concentration when one's head is full of junk.

On a brighter note- I made up a pattern for a wristwarmer for Miss now-Six. She has a scarf made by her mum in crochet, but DIL could not get a wristwarmer to fit. Part of her problem was that she was using an el-cheapy chenille yarn with absolutely no give in it at all. Her other problem was that it was far too short. It's cold in the mornings where they live. Miss Six is very slight, not an ounce of fat on her and her hands were freezing. Like her brother, she is tall but skinny. I used some leftover dark pinky/red Caressa. it looks fine. Now for the second one.

However, a snooze calls me loudly.


Lynne said...

Pity about the hat.IS it true "we live and learn"?
Hope you're feeling better soon.

Georgie said...

Oh poo. How very frustrating - but we've all done it, and will no doubt do it again!!

Stay warma nd hope youre back to your best soon.

TinkingBell said...

Hope you feel much better soon (and I hate it when I can't count- sometimes I can't count to 2 - bleugh!)