Sunday, 28 September 2008

gift knitting

This is a bit of a catch-up for photos. The two scarves are both for charity gifting next winter. I've decided to try to get a start on such knitting early in the hope of having quite a swag to give. I often give hats. scarves etc to an organisation where I know some of the people who who work with Sydney homeless people. I'd also like to give some to the Aussie group collecting for Afghanistan. So that means busy fingers. It also means a chance to use some of the stash and perhaps also some of the remnants of balls can go for bootees, baby hats too. All good yarn, but in small quantities.

Both these scarves are well over two metres long. The red/grey could well look better with a better background. However, it was wet and blocking and I didn't want to move it from the back of the lounge where it's resting on an orange plastic protective cover. All moss stitch. I bought it in a hurry at Lincr*ft where I was getting some sock wool. I thought it was a 100 gm ball of sock wool and could see socks for grandsons. However, it was 8 ply so became a scarf instead. That will teach me not to grab wool off display stands as I wait in the queue!

The black is some very old merino, mohair, acrylic mix I bought years ago from a warehouse, coupled with some good mohair. It's a reversible, simple four stitch pattern which I am just about doing in my sleep.

I also have a shawl put away and a material (not knitted) wrap, so have a start for next year. I'm planning on some baby stuff too and some warm beanies and hats as I know how much I appreciated them here this winter. Afghanistan is very much colder than here, so should be useful there.

The pale green cotton is edging for a baby hat. A Debbie Bliss pattern and edging has to be sewn on. However, I have not yet finished the hat and brim with its increases. This too is for a gift but this time a baby here in Sydney.

Friday, 19 September 2008

nutkin socks

Another easy knit pair of socks from beautiful wool. I love the colours and the pattern was easy to memorise. I think it suits the wool. Socks are Nutkin and there is also a a PDF download on Ravelry. As I mentioned earlier, I have misplaced, well, OK, lost the ballband so can't really tell you just which vendor it came from.

I actually haven't yet sewn in the last end on the second sock, but have hidden it under the sock so a photo could be taken in good light. These colours are fairly accurate. The leg on the righthand sock really isn't as wonky as it looks. I just wasn't careful enough in arranging the sock for the photo.

The cotton came from Greta's at Lindfield on sale. Somewhere around $8 ball. I'm making another bag to my own design. Unfortunately I have discovered a mistake right at the beginning of the previous row so have to knit back about 150 stitches to get to it and fix it. Could be worse, I suppose. I like this Sirdar cotton. It has more body than the Cleckheaton I used on an earlier bag which I am planning on giving my sister for a birthday present next week. It's easy to knit, but I find knitting cotton is slower than using wool.

I've now done two weeks of work after the pneumonia and have only one more week till there is a break of just a week. I think I'm OK, but have been tired at the end of the day and still have a cough. Sometimes I wonder if it's just habit, but I really don't think so. I'm glad I work only four days a week.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

an unholy alliance or from the sublime to the ridiculous

This scarf really is a case of the sublime to the ridiculous or something like that. The olive green mohair is Anny Blatt kid . It's not a colour I normally wear, although I like it. I bought two balls of this at a sale and I have ripped out about five attempts at different patterns for scarves with it. So I put it in a corner for a few months for it to make up its mind as to its use. The black is something quite old. It too is mohair 25 %, 8 ply, made for GJ Coles. I have no idea when Coles last sold anything like this, but it's certainly not recently. It also has some merino in it and quite a lot of olefin which is a manufactured, artificial fibre. Like the AnnyBlatt, I've tried several uses for this, but it made my hands ache. I bought ten balls, no length given, from a warehouse several years ago for the total amount of $2.50. The ball band shown here has $2.58 printed on the back.

I've decided to get a start on what I hope will be a substantial number of warm beanies, scarves and socks to give away to charity for next winter and I decided to combine the expensive and the dirt cheap. For some reason, my hands haven't ached using the two yarns combined on 6 mm needles. It's certainly a warm scarf. I've finished the first ball of the black, but there is still quite a bit of the olive green left. So far the scarf is about a metre long. I'll keep knitting until the green is done and see if that's long enough. The pattern makes a reversible scarf and is only four stitches long.

I've done one Nutkin sock in the wool shown at the back. The pattern can also be found on Ravelry. The lovely colours suit the pattern which is quick to knit. Somehow I have lost the band but know that it comes either from the Knittery or from live2knit. Both have lovely wool in beautiful colours and even better, great service. The colour shown here is just a shade bright. The purple is not quite as bright but is tempered by very deep fuschia pink.

The coffee mug with chai tea in it is one of a set. DIL's mum gave us each a different one at Christmas. They too are done to benefit a charity. Various celebrities have decorated a mug and written a short message along with the words "whatever it takes" on a mug. A percentage of the profits from the sale of the mugs goes to a nominated charity. This one is done by Roger Moore. Mine is by Sir Michael and Lady Shakira Caine. They come boxed, hold a good amount and have a comfortable large handle.

First day back at work tomorrow after the pneumonia. I'm not really looking orward to going back, but think I'm OK now. My skin, (not to mention my hair) still looks bad from being so ill and I have a slight cough. I no longer have 2-3 hour nana naps in the middle of the day after waking at 9:30 am and doing nothing all day. However, stuvac starts at college in early November and there is a break of a week either late September or early October, so it's not long till the end of the year. I've been overwhelmed by calls, emails, cards, flowers and a magnificent large box of fruit from work.