Friday, 19 September 2008

nutkin socks

Another easy knit pair of socks from beautiful wool. I love the colours and the pattern was easy to memorise. I think it suits the wool. Socks are Nutkin and there is also a a PDF download on Ravelry. As I mentioned earlier, I have misplaced, well, OK, lost the ballband so can't really tell you just which vendor it came from.

I actually haven't yet sewn in the last end on the second sock, but have hidden it under the sock so a photo could be taken in good light. These colours are fairly accurate. The leg on the righthand sock really isn't as wonky as it looks. I just wasn't careful enough in arranging the sock for the photo.

The cotton came from Greta's at Lindfield on sale. Somewhere around $8 ball. I'm making another bag to my own design. Unfortunately I have discovered a mistake right at the beginning of the previous row so have to knit back about 150 stitches to get to it and fix it. Could be worse, I suppose. I like this Sirdar cotton. It has more body than the Cleckheaton I used on an earlier bag which I am planning on giving my sister for a birthday present next week. It's easy to knit, but I find knitting cotton is slower than using wool.

I've now done two weeks of work after the pneumonia and have only one more week till there is a break of just a week. I think I'm OK, but have been tired at the end of the day and still have a cough. Sometimes I wonder if it's just habit, but I really don't think so. I'm glad I work only four days a week.


M-H said...

Pneumonia drains you. People used to take six weeks to recover from it before antibiotics. I think this kind of reaction is quite normal. Take care.

Lynne said...

Lovely socks, pretty colour.

Take care of yourself - rest in that week's break!

TinkingBell said...

Beautiful Nutkins and loved the hat (had to trot off and download!!)

Glad you're feeling better - and knitting like the wind!