Monday, 20 October 2008

a bad case of the blues

Not a wonderful photo, I'm afraid. I think the western sunlight streaming through the window was a bit harsh for the soft blues.

I called at Tapestry Craft,oops,Morris and Sons, after work on my way home. I really hope that if there are changes to the shop that the lighting in the knitting section is updated. I'm pretty good at colours and can buy zips, buttons etc without a sample and still have them match. However, downstairs there today, I really had problems with some of the colours. Was that blue or purple? Perhaps this lot is dark green or black?

The Cleckheaton Country is for a present, possibly this A dreadful photo although I found the link on a blog with a much better photo of a finished object. Do you think I can find which blog now? If I find it again, I'll edit this post. I'll need to swatch carefully. The Berrocco is 15 stitches/inch and this is 17. I see an experiment with needle sizes ahead.

I was taken by Bell's invitation to a summer of lace. Now I have some lace wool at home from Bendigo, but it's pink, the best choice at the time from a limited range. I bought it for another mystery shawl KAL which fell apart before it even started after some snarky posts from some who had signed up. I really don't have easy facilities for dyeing here so will put it aside.

However, I found the dusky blue today. I really don't need it but did like the colour which doesn't show well here. Special price too.

The Araucanía is something I have lusted after for some time. It too was well reduced so I succumbed. I know I have just bought 500 gm of gorgeous sock wool but bought this one too.

I have holidays till February 23rd starting soon, so I wouldn't want to be without supplies, now would I? So I bought another cable for my Options set. I seem to use the smallest cable a lot. I love the Harmony needles too, so got another set.

All blues, a fact which had escaped my notice till the assistant pointed it out. A lovely, restful colour, good for contemplation. Mum is still quite ill and I really do not know how much longer she will be here. Levels of sodium are fluctuating violently and without explanation and on top of the stroke and shingles and swollen hand, she has developed pneumonia which is often fatal in elderly patients weakened by other problems.

Edited later: I found a much better picture of the Alpine cardi. have a look here. This is the blog I had been reading some days ago.

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Lynne said...

I was in Tapstry Craft - oops Morris and Sons - yesterday. The sales were good, the lighting was bad! However, Albert told another customer they were moving knitting upstairs so that has to be a good thing [no more negotiating those awful stairs!!].

I spoilt myself with some lace weight while there. Will post about it on Wednesday.