Tuesday, 14 October 2008

knitted yarn shop

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My DIL found this yesterday at the op shop run by St Vincent de Paul in a shopping centre up the line. She already has about 20 of such things, including a knitted butcher with apron and long line of sausages over his shoulder. There's also a knitted bear photographer dressed in 20s style clothing and taking a picture on a huge old style camera on a tripod. Most of these creations have not been unpacked from the last move.

However she could not resist this one. Absolutely everything is knitted - dresser, counter, book cover, even the tiny balls of wool and their bands and the hair on both sales person and customer.. Look how neatly the balls are arranged in the dresser. See the tiny booties and mittens in the layette. The cover of the book is knitted and its title is "Knitted Toys." There are about eight pages in it, each with a picture of a tiny toy.. The customer has a purple cape with a red bow and fancy decorations, very true to form, on her hat. I can just see my own grandmother with something like this. The dog is knitted too, as is the basket holding yet more balls of wool.


Anonymous said...

LOL! How cute is that?

Lynne said...

It got lots of attention here. WM smiled and DD asked how anybody could knit it and give it away. We all loved it, in case you hadn't gathered.