Friday, 31 October 2008

summer of lace

Bells is hosting a Summer of lace this year. I love making lacy socks and scarves but have mostly baulked at anything much more serious.

Some years ago, I participated in one of the Mystery Shawls KALs and found it a great learning experience. However, I made my shawl in a heavier wool as I really wanted something very warm for the recipient rather than the ethereal creation from using laceweight. I learned a lot from that experience, and valued the learning of how to use a chart. i till prefer words but do use charts and have actually charted some word only patterns. I also learnt the use of stitch markers and probably would have valued a lifeline too. I found I was beginning to be bale to "read" my knitting, even in complicated patterns.

However, while I have several lots of laceweight wool, I still do not really feel happy in its use. I'm currently charting some patterns for a simple scarf for the Summer of Lace and now I have long holidays am hoping to be able to put some concentrated effort into the scarf.

These pictures show a compromise. If you look at the magazine picture, you can see on top right that Interweave describes this as lace. Not lacy, but lace. I'm not so sure about that, but I'm enjoying seeing this take shape. It's called the Little blue Sweater and it's from the Fall 2008 edition of Interweave knits. I'm using Patons Jet, bought at Tapestry Craft's current sale.

What you can't see in the photo is the many inches of 2x2 ribbing under the lace. Eight inches in fact. I was glad to be over that bit, although I really like the effect of the lengthy rib.

Today is forecast to be a hot one, 36°, so I'm not sure how much of this will get done. It's the first day of my holidays and I'm planning on doing something to wind down. I have plenty of knitting time ahead. I work in a small tertiary college where, despite my several degrees and diplomas, I am currently running the canteen. Four days a week, lots of student contact. I seem to act as a sounding board there for many staff and i certainly get to help students with advice on essays, footnotes etc. Lots of discussion too. However, this is the last week of term. Next week is stuvac, then exams, then nothing till February 23 next year. You may think this sounds idyllic. However no work = no pay!

Now before it gets too hot, I'm off to the nearby service station to get some Lindt. How I came to be out of good chocolate is beyond me.


M-H said...

Enjoy your holidays! I love that not-lace top.

Lynne said...

Mm! Lindt - my favourite.

Wow, I thought my holidays were long [I work for TAFE and the local community college] but yours are really long! Even longer than Uni-long!! Wow! Have a really great break.

Bells said...

oooh, that's going to be just lovely!!! Happy lace knitting!