Monday, 3 November 2008

fern lace scarf

After my abortive attempt yesterday at an apple, I frogged the lot. The apple and the chart worked fine. It's just that the colour did not work and I did not think the apple was well enough defined just by using purl on a stocking stitch background. I'll consider further moves.

So last night I was contemplating something more lacy for Bells' Summer of Lace. I'm doing the sweater from Interweave Fall edition but am used to using thicker wool for lace and find that quite easy. I think it's the laceweight that throws me. I like to feel something more substantial in my fingers.

The wool I had frogged that afternoon is three ply sock wool. Not quite laceweight, but much more that way than Patons Jet.So I looked back over my downloads from Ravelry and liked the look of the Fern lace scarf. Off I went. Ah, some satisfaction. I did one pattern repeat of twelve rows last night.

This morning was a lovely morning, some sun, some cloud and a pleasant temperature. I went downstairs and sat under one of our several jacaranda trees which are just beginning to come into bloom. I think I'm going to really like this scarf. There are nearly 500 metres in the skein. I'll see how long I go, although with a light scarf, longer may be snuggly wrapped several times around.

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Bells said...

that's looking so beautiful Jan!