Sunday, 16 November 2008

knitting books for children

Two posts today. This book was bought from the the Book Depository as part of my Christmas present for Miss Eight. I taught her to knit, but I think this will be a help to her as her mum does not knit at all. Miss Eight is a very bright little thing and is a good reader, reading well above her chronological age. This has instructions and some designs to appeal to today's children. It's well set out with clear print and bright pictures and good illustrations.. Lots of ideas for projects too. It's published by Coats Crafts, Uk and is almost 100 pages. ISBN # is 1-904485-69-3. The price is marked as 8 pounds, sterling, but I bought it, a big hardcover children's book and two soft cover children's books, along with the lace book in post below for $52 Australian. Considering the horrible exchange rate currently inflicted on us and also the expensive price of children's books here, I think I did quite well, specially considering the free postage too. My order of multiple books was delivered over four days, so I was glad I didn't pay the individual postage costs.


Lynne said...

The book looks great. I love the Book Depository. The postage thing is a bit weird; I bought my mum three cooking books by the same author at Easter and they all arrived separately - over two days!!

Unknown said...

The book looks great. I love the book depository. A mailing list is a bit strange; My mother bought all three Cookbook by the same author separately for Easter, and more than two days has arrived! "
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