Monday, 1 December 2008

Fern lace finished,200 pins later

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Over 200 pins later, I've finished and blocked the scarf. It's hanging here from the crepe myrtle in side front yard. I'm pleased with it but found it a boring knit. Really only one pattern row which varied in its start to give the arrow head effect.

It's made from sock wool, 448 metres, from Live 2 Knit. I really did this as an experiment in lace for Bell's Summer of Lace. I do lacy insertions etc and I've done a shawl which taught me a lot but really have not done much lace. I still find laceweight a bit intimidating and sock wool was a progress step to it.

However, I have been eyeing off some lacier patterns. I still have a couple of other projects on the go, so will think about what's next.

Click to enlarge photo to see detail.

The colour was hard to capture. In some lights it's quite green. others show it as sort of washed out. I think this will be for me as it's very soft and squishy around my neck and is good and long so can be worn several ways. However, 200 pins later makes me see why regular lace knitters use blocking wires!

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Bells said...

ooh it's lovely! and look at the two different representations of the colour- tricky as you say. Well done!