Monday, 5 January 2009


The fact that it's now into the second week of the new year and I haven't blogged since before the end of December says it all.

The last couple of days have been hot and tomorrow and Wednesday will probably be hotter.

I tried winding some Italian lace wool. It was a muddle and took quite a while. I think the slowness dimmed my enthusiasm. I have cast on for four different stoles and frogged everyone of them.

Then I picked out the lovely Arucanià sock wool from Morris and Sons (Tapestry Craft). If I had thought the lace wool was a muddle, this was infinitely worse. I could see five ends of wool as I opened it up. There were also tiny pieces of wool loose through the skein, about 3 cm long. Not long enough to have one tied the skein. Knots abounded. It took me about six hours to sort the tangle. The wool is great and I just love the colours, but the mess!! I ended with a largish ball, one medium ball and a small one. Sounds a bit like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. My enthusiasm for sock from this wool rapidly faded as well. So I had another look on Ravelry and found some pretty scarf patterns. Again, I've started four and not liked any of them. So the wool has been put aside until it's polite enough to tell me what it wants to be or cowed enough for it to do what I want it to do.

Enough! I fished out the large sheet I bought from Vinnies at Hornsby last week for $5. I discovered why it was cheap. it had been badly cut from the bolt and was all askew so I had to spend some time straightening it up. I sat on the western deck before it warmed up around there and made myself a pair of the wide legged lounge pants in Amy Butler's In Stitches. I'm pleased with them but need to take the hem up more. I'm not tall and thought I had made enough allowances for my height. I haven't sewn for ages and discovered I still could load the bobbin on my 14 year old Husqvarna but the buttonholes are a disgrace and I used to do such neat ones. Sniff. Still, there is enough left for another pair and I can use the first as PJ pants.

It's hot and I'm tired. I'm home alone till the end of the weekend. Son and DIL went last Saturday to Perth. He picked up a lucrative IT contract at a time when his own work was shut down for a month and he was without a salary. Last night about 3:00 am, I was woken by a beeping sound. I realised it was the smoke alarm in the hall outside my bedroom which was signalling every thirty seconds that the battery was getting flat. I know the sound of the true alarm and this wasn't it, but I did get up to check. Went back to bed but the noise was irritating. I couldn't reach it but bashed it with a broom. No result.

Small Sweetpea, the Abyssinian who lives here, decided she was rescue cat. She jumped on the bed near my shoulders instead of at my feet. Clawed me till she drew blood. I calmed her down and was nearly asleep when she decided to comb my hair with her claws! Finally I slept downstairs on the lounge with Sweetpea keeping a watchful eye on me.

It's still beeping but not as frequently. I don't mind using ladders but the alarm is on the ceiling close to the railing around the landing. I would have to be near the top of the ladder to reach alarm and I think that's silly when no-one else will be here for days. Hopefully the battery dies soon.

What a whinge. If it's not one thing it's another. I did have a great lunch in the city yesterday with friends from interstate after attending a church somewhat out of my tradition. I enjoyed the day very much.


Lynne said...

'Tis a bit warm, isn't it? I wanted to go for my usual walk last night at 9pm but it was like a sauna outside! I walked inside the house - *knit a few rows, walk a few hundred steps**, repeat from * to ** until 10,000 steps are reached!

Hope you can settle on something to knit soon - it's very frustrating to want to knit and not have the yarn cooperate.

M-H said...

That's terrible about the Araucania! I've made socks out of a skein but there were no ends or knots in it. Do be very careful washing whatever you make from it - mine have shrunk and felted horribly and I have sent them to my granddaughter in NZ.

Jan said...

Thanks M-H for the warning. I'm contemplating a scarf perhaps, not socks. I found the colours lovely and it was hard to make a choice. After this experience I would not buy it again. I've bought plenty of beautiful sock wool from both Daphne and Katie and love their colours . Their service is also wonderful.

Anonymous said...

This happened to us a while ago. Tony stood on a ladder and took the top off, and removed the battery - no more bipping! This is only a short term fix, tho. Hope things improve soon Jan :o)

Jan said...

Thanks knittingnatty. I'd have done that too, but the position of the alarm is over the landing rail upstairs. If I were so unfortunate as to fall, it would be over rail and onto hall floor downstairs, all 25 of them. I would have needed to be on top step of ladder to reach it. Not a wise move in house by myself for sometime.

Fortunately another son arrived last night and climbed up and took battery out. DIL has moved our batteries so it will need to be replaced when they get home.