Saturday, 17 January 2009

more lace

I've spent much of the last week and a half playing around with lace samples. I've tried various yarns and various needles with each of them. Different sizes too. I was really trying to find what worked best for me.

I've searched out patterns and knitted swatches. Then I've made some notes and frogged what I had done.

However, for the last few days I've been concentrating on making a stole using some of my discoveries from the swatches. I bought some gorgeous lace weight merino called Diana from Katie at Wired for Fibre, formerly Live2Knit. The colour was called PEACE and it was so beautiful that I just sat and looked at it for several days before winding it. I've never had any problems winding wool from Katie, and this continued the pattern. No trouble at all. I'm using a vintage pattern and will show some pictures when I have done a bit more. So far, about six inches.

I did email both Morris and Sons and Araucanià about the dreadful ball of sock wool which made three separate balls and was so full of tangles and knots that it took over eight hours to sort out. The skein was full of tiny bits of wool knotted in amongst the skein and there were five ends visible when I opened it up It made three balls. That was almost two weeks ago that I emailed. I have had no reply from either. Not one word and I consider that very poor customer relations. I emailed the retailer as they should know that they are not always being supplied with a good quality product. I emailed the manufacturer as they also needed to know that there could be problems with their product. I am not happy about the lack of response. I can hardly avoid patronising Morris and Sons, although I will get what I can elsewhere now, but I certainly will not be buying that brand of wool again. That's a shame as I had been after some since they first got it in. The wool feels lovely and the colours are beautiful. However, I will not risk getting another rubbishy skein which wasted many hours.


Lynne said...

It's a shame our city's largest wool shop hasn't responded to your email!

Knitting lace and frogging - that sounds familiar!! LOL
I'm about to try something completely different - if only I could figure out what!!

missfee said...

Jan shame about the sock yarn and Morris and sons - you should either go in or ring them - I had a really bad ball of town and country which they replaced straight away.
BTW you now have some more sock yarn - send me your address so I can send you some wool!!!! fiona at missfee dot com xxxx missfee