Friday, 6 February 2009

coral lace blocked

Here's the coral lace blocked and set to dry. That won't take long, once the afternoon sun hits my balcony. It's grown quite a bit and opened up a lot. I was going to take a picture on the balcony wall but it hung over both the inside and outside of the wide brick wall. It's resting here on top of a large plastic tote and hanging slightly over both ends.

I'm not entirely sure what I'll do with it but blocking is a good start. I'll probably end up with the neckwarmer cowl idea and that will also probably mean sewing up the pointed sides. I'm not sure whether it would fit seamed the other way. If it does fit and is all soft and squishy, how much would the points show? Oh well, no hurry in this weather and hotter forecast for the next two days.

The lace pattern came from here. In left side bar click on the top link, The Art of Knitting,1897 patterns. There are quite few lace swatches here and more added occasionally.

I'm well down the foot on the lion's mane sock. Just one more patten repeat and a few extra rows and I'll be ready for the toe. It knits up beautifully, very evenly. I have no pain in the wrist now and have done a fair bit of sock knitting yesterday and today. I think it must have been my technique with more stitches than a scarf or perhaps it was the concentration to not make a mistake. I've not had that problem at all before in many years of knitting.


Bells said...

oh it's just lovely!!! Makes me ache to have my lace ready for blocking.

Rose Red said...

It's lovely!

I wonder if you could use very small buttons (that would fit through the lace holes) rather than seaming up the points - that way, the points would still show, and could flap over in a very fetching manner?