Tuesday, 10 March 2009

proof of knitting and some expenditure

Once upon a time, long long ago, when I did my first degree, the current Fisher Library at Sydney Uni was the then new Fisher Library. I had spent many happy hours in the old library, hidden away at a desk in the stacks with my feet in winter waming up on the light coming through from the stack a floor below. Now all was new, bright, open and breezy. The floor was soft and porous in the new building and the wearing inside of shoes with a heel smaller than a 10cent piece was forbidden. Many times I sat there with my shoes next to me on the floor. Friends often said they could trace my desk even if I wasn't there by the pretty red shoes on the floor.

I loved red shoes then and still do. Rosered has been posting pics of her red shoes on a shoesday, sorry, Tuesday. I bought these this morning so thought I would post a picture. They are actually a very cherry red and are ankle boots with zip up the side. Strictly speaking, I probably really didn't need to buy them. However I threw out my old winter red shoes a while ago. They had given several years of very hard wear. I wore them to the station one wet morning and found they leaked through several gaping cracks in each sole. The uppers weren't good enough to consider a resole so I ditched them. The water coming in made the dye in the shoes stain my beautiful handknitted socks. Now my feet will be warm and dry this winter.
There has been some knitting done, quite a bit actually, since my last entry. I had started the February Lady Sweater and indeeed had even finished the yoke and was onto the lace part. However, to get the stated tension, I had to go down a few sizes of needle and the fabric was very stiff and unyielding. Not to mention that pushing over three hundred stitches aound in the tight fabric was very tiring. So I ripped it all out and tried a few more bits and pieces, including some crocheted granny squares for a rug. Nothing suited, so I sent the wool to time out. Then I found Liesl from Ysolda and found that Rosered, mentioned above had done one.

I cast on and never looked back. I think the colour here is not good at all. The wool is Bendigo Aran and the colour is really a dusky soft pink called Woodrose. I gave it a few modifications and will be very happy when I finish the second sleeve and can block it, hopefully tomorow. I made the body a bit longer than shown to come down my back a bit. I've also done sleeves to the wrist on this version. Pattern puts 36 stitches aside and then picks up another 12 for the sleeve. I actually picked up 24, two pattern repeats. I wanted to perhaps wear this over a warmer shirt and didn't want the sleeve tight. I was marginally over the tension required so have done a size down. The knitting is easier than on the FLS with fewer than half FLS' stitches. It worked well. All that is left is another few rows of pattern repeats on the second sleeve, sewing on some buttons and sewing in some ends. Then a nice soak for it and a blocking. Then I'll have a new jacket ready for chilly weather and it gets quite chilly up here even in the house.

I have some more wool in a pleasant green and may do another, substituting perhaps a different pattern stitch. It's been a very quick knit and I'm please to be doing something for myself. I've had a few unpleasant days and am also fighting off a cold so was glad to do something for myself.

Not only did I buy some more shoes this morning, I bought myself a new wallet. I've always had happy wallets, bright pink, crimson, purple. My last, bought a couple of years ago is a very drab uninspiring brown. It was an emergency buy as my previous wallet fell apart when I was in the city one day, disgorging its contents, fortunately through my bag. I'm fussy about the design as well as the colour and in a hurry, all I could find was a brown wallet. It's worked well, but I hated the colour. I walked past Strandbags in Hornsby this morning after buying the boots and on an impulse looked in. Not that there's anything really wrong with the old wallet. I found one which I liked with all the pockets and slots I needed. Joy oh joy, it was a deep purple. So I bought it. I've just spent a happy lunch time on the balcony transferring the contents of my old wallet to this one. New wallet, new boots and a new jacket for myself... hmmm, perhaps enough for a while.


Rose Red said...

Nice haul! The boots look and sound perfect for winter - and the best colour!

Liesl is a great pattern isn't it - I'm planning on doing another one for winter with longer sleeves.

I love new wallets too - and I'm with you - it has to be "just right" before I will buy it, and I love transferring all the cards and things too.

Lynne said...

Mmm! What a lovely day you've had. Nice to treat yourself sometimes, isn't it?

BTW, it's a small world; I know someone who works in a library at Sydney Uni very well!

Unknown said...

That woodrose is a lovely colour, and digital photography is such a liar when it comes to colour I think.

I also beleive that Liesl is far superior to the Feb Lady sweater too.

Bishop Stone said...

I love red shoes. I have a few pairs and have been eyeing off the new season winter boots. I really like you knitting, especially your lace shawl and the green cardi.