Friday, 27 March 2009

thank you so much

Thank you so much to all who have sent good wishes and sympathy to me on Mum's death. Times have been quite stressful here with some family problems and it's been good to look back over the messages which I found very comforting.

I'd have done this sooner but, despite stringent hygene measures, I caught the conjunctivitis which my son developed just on a week ago. His was a bad dose, because like many men, he thought things would "clear up" in a couple of days, so he didn't go to the doctor. It was well developed before he started any medication

Two evenings ago, I realised that I'd caught it so yesterday morning I hurried to the doctor. What a régime to have to follow. When I told him about the strength of son's infection, he gave me 10 days of antibiotics. EEEK, must get DIL to get me some good yoghurt. Then there are both drops and cream each going in evey four hours. In effect, this means cream, two hours, drops, two hours etc.

Gluggy eyes and cream have meant that very little knitting has been done. I've done some tidying up both on the balcony outside and in my room. The room is not tine, but it's not big either. A lot of my wool is in tubs on the covered balcony, along with some winter clothes. In my room are three sets of smallish bookshelves, a small wardrobe, a big desk which goes around a corner and a double sized futon bed. More hanging space for those things that don't fit in the wardrobe, a plastic suspension file box for important papers and a heater. Whew! It's OK as the rest of the house is big and I can get outside., but it definitely needs a good tidy every month or so, or I would disappear beneath the debris and detritus of living.

Today I found several UFOs. One was a pair of Hedera socks started goodness knows how long ago. Certainly back at my old home. I've made a box wit the UFOs, all of which are fairly minor and I've also put a mini-stash in there to save ransackng tubs outside.
The Hedera socks will soon be finished and gifted. I have no idea why they aren't finished. The first is finished, the second needs a coupe of pattern repeats and then the toe. Why did I put them aside? There's perhaps an hours work to finish the pair.

Thank you again. I was warmed by your thoughts.


Rose Red said...

The "detritus of living" - it's very true isn't it, that if we don't tidy it up every so often it just builds up - mail and newspapers are the problem in our house!

It's funny how we put aside wips which are so close to being done - I have one just waiting to be seamed and a few finishing touches - I think for at least a year now!

AlisonH said...

I'm so sorry you lost your mother. My best wishes to all of you as you adjust.

AlisonH said...

"Adjust" isn't a good enough word to describe the messiness of having life change like that. I'm coming back trying to think of a better one.