Tuesday, 21 April 2009

busy, busy

It's been busy here and there has been some knitting, but nothing worth photographing. A trip to the frogpond for a warm shawl I was knitting but didn't like the look of. Another hat with cable band is almost finished for Lynne's textured knits. I'm part way up the second of the Rose's wristwarmers, another textured knit, and also part way up a vest for youngest grandchild, who's three. That's somewhat experimental. I'm sort of winging it with the pattern although I did sit down and work out some maths with the tension and a size chart. It's knitted from the bottom of the back up and over the head and down the other side. I'll report progress if there is any.

That sounds like a lot and I often limit myself to three projects with differing wool weights and needle sizes. It keeps me from getting bored. I frogged the start of a pair of socks in Patonyle when I realised that they aren't needed till August as a present and not last Saturday as I thought. Just as well too. I'd have been sleep knitting to get a pair finished particularly as the recipient has very thick ankles and I would have needed a lot more stitches than I normally use.

I spent three days last week babysitting various grandchildren and was away from home two nights in different locations. I imagine I would work a system if the young ones were mine. However, they don't see me very often and my knitting was constantly interrupted with cries of, "Watch me, Grandma." What else could I do? Or. "listen to me read, Grandma." As a reader that was one I could not resist.

Sunday was the memorial picnic for Mum. At almost the last minute, we switched the venue from Pearl Beach to Fagans PArk at Galston. we hired a large covered area and just as well to. Sunday had quite a few very heavy squalls of rain and it was standing room only under the shelter. Mum's site was there, the last of teh three. She really did not seem to know what was happening. A lot of family friends came and cousins I haven't seen in thirty years. Thier children are contemporaries of mine but I had never met them, although Mum kept in touch and used to see them at their beach huse right on teh beach at Bluey's Beach south of Forster.

As a family gathering, it was good. As the alternative to a funeral I thought it missed out. I wouldn't have minded it if there had even been a brief ceremony closer to Mums death and then the picnic. However, my brother and sister were satisfied and happy with it. I didn't take any knitting. I took a camera and forgot to take any photos. Knitting would have been awkward with so many people and their food and belongings.

For any Sydneysiders with children, the park is good value. It's on Arcadia Road at Galston, entrance is $4. It's well cared for, large with good facilities. Lots of innovative play equipment, tables, open space and clean BBQs. If the weather had been better, I would have walked around a bit. The Council website shows several areas of interest there.


M-H said...

Glad you've had the memorial at last.

Lynne said...

Keeping up with the grand-kids is fun, isn't it? Not that I have any experience, yet!

Looking forward to seeing your textured - and other - knits.