Wednesday, 1 April 2009

rose's wristwarmers

Lynne decided it might be good to experiment with texture this winter. After all, many of us seriously increased our knowledge of lace after a long lacy summer so another challenge is good.

I'd been wondering for a while what to do and was idly spending time on Ravelry the other day, (as you do) when I found this pattern for wristwarmers. They are called Rose's wristwarmers from Rose in the Dr Who series. Just perfect. Ribbing, cables, moss stitch, cross over diamonds - what more could I need. Certainly not much more would fit in a wristwarmer pattern. I'd give a link but the pattern is available only on Ravelry and is easy to find if you are a member there.

The wool is Boutique from Bendigo. Colour lilac. The link gives a small colour picture which you can enlarge. It's much more accurate there than here. It really is lilac. I made wristwarmers last year from this and had trouble with the colour then too. Obviously, my camera does not work well with lilac. The wool is mixture of merino, Bluefaced Leicester and some mohair and is an 8 ply. DK to those outside Australia.

Now I'd normally knit 8 ply on 4 mm needles. The pattern wanted a really stiff material so 3.5 mm were used. I found it hard going at times, it really was very stiff. The two columns of cables, one each side, were crossed every third row, so that was tight because of the actual cable too. However, I do like the barber pole effect of the cable. I was trying to show both cables and the diamond and moss stitch in them so it's not really flat on my desk.

The thumb is made from a neat little gusset which leaves stitches on spare wool and these are then used and just a few more to make the thumb as long as needed. I did the thumb here for six rounds and then cast off. It's a neat job.

I have other knitting going, as usual, so will do the second one next week.


Rose Red said...

I find shades of purple (and red) very difficult to get right on the camera.

The wristwarmers look lovely - very textury!!

Lynne said...

There is a link to your wrist warmers on my blog. Thanks for being the first to participate in WoTK.

BTW, Gorgeous work!