Thursday, 7 May 2009

AAAACK! The cleaner ate my knitting

It was time to serve dinner and I put my knitting on the coffee table in the lounge room. We could hear the cleaner working while we were in the dining room. It's a marvellously efficient iRobot Roomba which does a fantastic job. However, after dinner, son went to check to see if it had docked itself as it does usually.

It had stopped. Its stomach was obviously full but it was my knitting it had eaten. I think that the long tail where I had just joined in a new ball had been hanging over the edge of the table and onto the floor. It hadn't been long enough to do another two rows to join at side of cardigan front and I hadn't trimmed it.

Not only had the cleaner eaten the front of the cardigan, but it had managed to sweep off the table the socks shown in post below. Still on the dpns which were jammed flat under the cleaner.

I gently tugged on the rotating brush and was able to unwind all the original long piece of 8 ply, the cause of the mess. A couple of stitches had come off the needle but no real damage otherwise. The sock was not so lucky. The cleaner has three little brushes at the side which sweep bits like paper into the tray. The original tail was tightly wound around these and the cuff f ribbing was spiralled and caught up. I had to break the yarn to get it out, then unwind the rest. I think I'll actually frog the sock and start again. It won't fit Finn's leg now.

We tidied it all up and set the cleaner going again. It soon stopped and announced it was full. It does a fantastic job and get things really clean, particularly picking up very short cat hair which my son is allergic too. There is a small tower which can be moved to set the bounds of its operation and when it's done, it not only docks itself but recharges ready for next time.


pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

You're taking the Roomba incident very well! I would have been shrieking madly.

Lynne said...

Hmmm! Technology can be wonderful but it doesn't always make our lives easier!!

One day you'll look back and laugh - perhaps when you tell grandson the story of the Sock That Was Eaten!

Kate said...

We had a new cleaner start today, of the human variety, and there are fewer piles of junk on the floor, and more neat piles of items on the tables - we will have to get our collective act together, lest she take a cue from your Roomba!!!
Nice socks, too - I made some jaywalkers in the stripey red Heirloom Jigsaw, claimed by DS, and they show no wear and tear.