Wednesday, 27 May 2009

the toys go marching in

More bears lining up. They are very quick to knit but take a while to sew up properly. I leave an end each time I change colour and use the tail for that colour's seams. The pink which is not as light or bright as camera shows, is some Patons Smoothie. I have some red of the same and will do a couple plain red ones. I'm not seeing my friend for a while, so if I can consistently manage one a day till then, there should be a nice bagfull for him to pass on. Those done in a single colour are much quicker to seam and have far fewer ends to deal with, making the job much quicker overall. See the difference a needle size makes? The two all pink bears are knitted on different needles but same pattern, yarn and number of stitches. The larger is done on 4 mm, the smaller 3.5 mm.
Here's a hat to add to my Winterwarm stash. It's done in leftover Heirloom Easycare 8 ply from the ballet cardigan which has been done a few days now. I blocked the left front when it was finished but haven't blocked any of the rest of it yet. Perhaps that will be done next week. I'm a bit over it right now but can't leave it too long or I'll find her birthday is upon me and I have a real deadline to meet. The hat is basically a spinoff from the Pink pinwheel jacket shown in side bar photo. I've used the same principle to make a couple of berets. Keep increasing till slouchy enough, do a purl row, decrease sharply till usual number of stitches for a beret of that thickness and then do ribbed band. However, as this was for a small child in a very cold climate, I've turned it into a hat. Increases till size and proportion looked OK, then maintain the pattern with a YO increase and a knit 2 together decrease. That keeps static number of stitches going down head and also gives the spiral shape. I made up size, just did what looked fine. It will fit some small child and be warm. After all, that's what I made it for.


Bells said...

Oh man those bears look so cute all lined up. Good job!

Nice hat. It looks very pretty.

Lynne said...

Bells said almost what I had in mind! So they must be cute!!

Thank you on behalf of the recipients!