Monday, 8 June 2009

exterminate! exterminate! or, do penguins climb trees?

Finished these just in time for DIL's birthday tomorrow. I started them some time ago, but had put them aside for other things and suddenly, her birthday was upon me. I was out alone at # 2 son's place for most of this long weekend. Not babysitting this time, but animal minding. Four fish, two birds, one cat and one dog. He and his family were away all weekend, as were neighbours and close friends. Could I please mind the place and feed the menagerie? I lit the fire there and knitted as I wanted, so was able to catch up and finish these wristwarmers. As far as I know, the pattern can be found only on Ravelry. They are called Rose's wristwarmers from Dr Who. Hence, "Exterminate!" They weren't difficult, just time consuming. There were two cables in every row and the side cables, like barber poles, were done every third row.

I've had trouble in the past getting this colour right, no matter what I used as a backdrop. It usually comes out very washed out, even a dingy grey. It's really a pale mauve, but certainly has enough colour in it to see that it is mauve. I think the mauve shows reasonably well against the green background of the tree. The other picture is taken in our deciduous and now bare crepe myrtle which has beautiful bark. As can be seen, they should be warm. They come well up my arms, and the gusset for the thumbs makes the thumb opening quite comfortable. She and my son are going to Europe in a couple of weeks. It's warm there, so she will probably appreciate them on her return. They'll be away a few weeks and I'll be left holding the fort here. It will be quiet, although I am sure the cat will let me know she misses DIL.

A few posts down, I showed quite a lot of Burundi bears knitted for charity. I've done a few more since that post. I discovered that St John would rather have black and white penguins as their comfort for small children. These three are the strat of the penguin rookery from here. My friend will pass the bears on and I'll do some more of these.. I did email Cleckheaton about an out of print book with a penguin pattern and they have promised to post me a photocopy of just the penguin pattern. I'm grateful for that and will make some from that. These are all about 5-6" in height, which was what was requested. It's strange just how much they vary when the same yarn and pattern is used. I think how I feel and what I am watching or listening to affects my tension and therefore the finished size. The actual knitting is very quick. Sewing together and stuffing takes longer.

I've done these in that dreadful yarn which many of us shudder at if mentioned. It's not what I would ever willingly use, but it works well for these. Hwever the artificial feel of it hurts my skin and the actual yarn makes my fingers ache so I don't do too much at a time.

I'm not sure if penguins climb trees, but these three seem quite at home in the crepe myrtle, enjoying the rather chilly wind outside.

So wristwarmers and penguins give me a good start for this month of June on the Textured Knitting KAL at Lynne's blog. The penguins are all garter stitch and the wristwarmers have cables, purl knitting, diamonds and moss stitch. Lots there.

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Lynne said...

Yep, you sure have made a good start! The wristwarmers look warm [and mauve] and the penguins are very cute!

I read somwhere that if you wash the a*****c yarn and/or dry it in the tumble dryer it softens up a bit! I know the yarn I dyed has a much softer handle than it did before I immersed it in boiling dye!