Tuesday, 23 June 2009

shawl pins

I've just checked my mailbox and my two shawl pins from the USA had arrived. I was beginning to get a bit worried because it was eight days since I thought they had been posted and postmark verified this. Parcels from the UK take four days to reach here. They were very securely packed and I'm pleased with them. I had worried they may not have a strong shaft. However, both are quite sturdy. These were $5 US each and with postage, I have spent $18 AUS. Good value. I'm pleased with them. There are quite a few designs by the seller and it was hard to choose.
I'm going to this year's Greek Drama Day on 3rd July at Macquarie University. I'm planning on wearing my new red Ishbel shown below and I'll wear the frog pin. There's almost always an excerpt performed from Aristophanes' The Frogs. Quite appropriate I think.

I did start the Ishbel beret from the Whimsical Knits collection. I'm almost down to the crown decreases. It's been a fun, easy project. It's been really quite warm for this time of the year but I've been staying inside. On Sunday a very heavy head cold arrived in full force. If I do venture out, I cough. I feel a bit better today, but have a way to go. I'm now alone here as landlord has returned to NZ. I hope son and DIL did not have the seeds of this cold when they left.


Lynne said...

Very beautiful pins!

Today's weather was glorious. Yesterday I was teaching all day so only saw the sun [ooh, I've missed it so much] through the windows! Sunday was miserable out here in the west!!

Bells said...

they are stunning! I love them. Can we see a photo of them holding a shawl together? are they heavy?