Wednesday, 1 July 2009

ishbel beret

Ishbel beret which was actually finished a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot to take a photo. I really do not like the camera and the mirror method for photography, but as I'm here by myself for almost another two weeks, I'll make do. The light is not quite right but was too bright with either light turned on or using the flash. I took several photos which turned out reasonably until I took a closer look. The beret was still inside out from taking it off the blocking dinner plate. OOPS!

My head is in between sizes and when I made the Cairn hat from Ysolda's collection it was a bit sloppy on my head, so I passed it on to DIL. I did the smaller size this time. When I finished it, the fit around y head was just what I wanted, comfortable but secure. However, the lace needed blocking to show it off. When done, the lace has opened up well, but the band is loser than I would really like.

I loved doing the beret, it was quite quick and fun to knit. I'm wondering what to do. Go down a smaller size in the instructions to allow for blocking stretch in the band and use bigger needles perhaps? I could add another repeat of the first chart which would make it a bit slouchier in the smallest size given. Hopefully the band would then be to my liking. Will have to think about this.

Have been doing some charity knitting for Winterwarm and want to do some more socks in double thickness of Patonyle. I've done a couple of warm hats. Pictures later as I'm trying to keep my textured stuff this month all in one post.

I'm also well down the second sock of my lovely wool from Needlefoods. That also has some texture in the form of a knitted braid and some ribbing. The braid really appeals to me and is a good alternative to cables. Again, photos later.

My friend was very happy with my little penguins I'd done for him, so I've done some more of those too. No photos of these. A penguin is a penguin is a penguin.

Now to put on a hat and walk down the highway to Coles. I've had a fairly nasty cold which has left a residual cough. The wind has just started to pick up here, so will go now while the temperature is still fairly mild. I might even treat myself to lunch out.

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Rose Red said...

I love the colour (but of course!). Would some hat elastic through the edge of the band work? Otherwise maybe do the band in smaller needles?