Monday, 6 July 2009

the socks I just had to make

When I saw these socks, (pdf file)) which are also available on Ravelry, I just knew I had to make them. I actually noticed the braid before I read the title and was immediately reminded of the bundle of rods and axes carried by the lictors in ancient Rome. These were called fasces, the plural of fascis, which meant a rod. Almost two metres long, they were a symbol of strength in unity and of authority. Fascine is a good word to describe the braid. The other word from the same base, "fascist" has had its original meaning corrupted and now is usually associated with dictatorship and authoritarianism. Now I have a classical education, did Latin Honours in my first degree and taught languages, especially Latin, for many years. So these socks had an instant appeal.
The wool comes from Needlefood in NZ. It is the most gorgeous colour, a mix of deep crimsons, not the more blatant red shown here. I bought four lots of sockwool and love all the colours These socks have used about 85-90 gm of the skein. I liked knitting the wool although I did find in several places that the plying was so loose, the different plies were obvious.

While the picot edge flares when the socks are flat, it fits well and feels comfortable. I've done other picot edges and find that almost all flare, even when I'm careful not to knit too tightly. These fit well, and after all, how many times will anyone else see them flat like this? I used dpns and had instep stitches on one needle and the remaining stitches split between two needles.

I was inspired by the braid to look up some more knitted braids and I've made a note of several braid patterns. Some could be well used on hats and others used in conjunction with ribs and cables and other textures.

This weekend has been very chilly with a strong cold wind here. I've been glad of my woolly socks. I went to the Greek Drama Day at Macquarie Uni last friday. This is held in a large draughty theatre, so I wore warm tights underneath my woollen skirt, along with a pair of black socks and some deep red boots. A couple of light layers on top and my charcoal semi-felted woollen jacket, a recent acquisition. A bright scarf gave a splash of colour. I had warm feet all day, which was just lovely. Judging by comments I could hear around me, others were not so fortunate. It's mid-afternoon here now and the outside temperature is just scraping 9 °.

I flicked the override switch on the heater during the weekend so it stayed on all day.. I had two grandchildren here and one had a nasty cough so I wanted the place warm. It's certainly quieter here now that it was yesterday. Poor little Finn had fallen on Saturday morning and had bitten his tongue quite badly. He wasn't very happy for a lot of the time and didn't eat much. Being hungry didn't help either. I had a bit of trouble getting him to sleep on Saturday evening. Nothing was right although his bigger sister went to sleep quickly. In the end, I put him in my bed and he settled. That meant I swapped beds later on and when his parents arrived here very late after their evening out, his mum had to get in with him. Still, we coped, as one does. I've spent a lot of today washing towels and linen from the weekend.

Son and DIL are due home Friday morning, early. They seem to have had a good time and the filming he did has gone well. However, it has been hot. They'll get a shock if Friday morning is as chilly as today was. At 9:00 am, it was 3 ° here. Their plane arrives abut 6;00 am.


Rose Red said...

Your socks are gorgeous - the Needlefood yarn is really nice isn't it - great colour.

Bells said...

It's such a pretty pattern. Good work. I have done one picot edge sock and I really didn't like the process which is a shame because the effect is so worth it. Maybe I should try these ones.