Friday, 7 August 2009

aestlight, take 2

Herewith the second version of Aestlight. This is probably reasonably close to the colour which, although dark green, was also fairly vibrant. It's taken with Aestlight clinging to the almost 3 metre high sandstone wall beside our drive down to the garage. Click to enlarge detail.

The wool is Grignasco Bambi which I used some years ago when I made an ill fated pair of socks. The first sock, against which I was measuring the second, was lost on Penrith Station. I think it must have fallen off my lap when I stood up as the train arrived. I didn't discover the loss till some time later. It was quite an involved snowflake pattern and I was so devastated that the part finished second sock and the remainder of that wool now lie somewhere in my sock wool stash, never touched again. I learnt my lesson and if I knit on the train, I now check carefully that I have everything.

However, that's history. I really enjoyed using the Bambi. It was pleasant to use and easy to knit. I think from the tightness of the ply that many patterns would show up well in it, and yet it is very soft and cosy against the neck.

This one is a present for a friend who lives in the Southern Highlands, out of Sydney. Another friend and I are leaving here about 8:30 tomorrow for a visit. If it's as clear and sunny tomorrow as it is today, the drive down will be lovely. Friends' house faces north, gets the sun and has a lovely view with mountains and paddocks . Good company and good food.

Just over a week ago, I ordered two books from the Book Depository. If you use this site and have it marked, check the URL you have. It has changed in the last two weeks and is now .com instead of arrived yesterday in two separate packages. I don't have the invoice handy, but I paid around AUS$25 all up for Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac" and for One Skein Wonders.

This shawl was very quick to knit and so much more pleasant to use than the hairy handspun.

I happened to notice the other day that the Aussie dollar was just over .85 cents to the US dollar. As I had been planning to buy a beret pattern from Gudrun, the Shetland Trader, I raced upstairs and ordered, Linga, Breiwick and Bousta. These can be seen in the right sidebar of her blog by scrolling down. They are also available from Ravelry. The three came to just over $14 Australian. It's a lovely morning here, so I'm about to walk down the hill to Greta's Handcrafts at Lindfield and see what takes my eye to make Linga. They open at 10:00 am and it's now 9:30. Only trouble walking down the hill is that it is up the hill on the way back. LOL. Still, it's fairly gentle, nothing like some of the streets around here which are quite steep. We're on the top of the hill and our land falls away quite sharply in spots.


Rose Red said...

Aestlight #2 is lovely - the Bambi is a great yarn to work with isn't it!

I'm thinking about the Barbara Walker treasuries right now, with the dollar so strong against the US$!!

Bells said...

Such a great output at the moment Jan. Well done. A second aestlight. Well that just puts me to shame doesn't it!

No no as you said to me, now is not my shawl season.

I hadn't realised about the $. Thanks for that!

M-H said...

I love Bambi. I've used it for fair isle and it is so soft and light.

Lynne said...

Ooo! What were you doing on Penrith [my home] station? Did you live in this area in your former life?

Lynne said...

Oops! I meant to say I'm sorry you lost your sock.

I have made the decision to only ever knit with circulars on trains [can't lose precious KnitPicks that way] and always check when I stand up to get off the train - rarely when getting on to the train [but I rarely get a seat on the platform anyway!!]