Monday, 17 August 2009

August textures wrap up

ome more textures for Lynne.
I've been enjoying working on textures, some easy, some new.

These little socks were made for Finn, who turns four this month. His favourite colour is orange. There is a stripe of orange in this Heirloom Jigsaw sock wool and I hope the other bright colours will appeal to him too. Right now, I'd say the pattern came from my own head, but I think I've seen something like it somewhere. It certainly was not knowingly copied without acknowledgment.

The aqua band will be a headband for me when it's dry. I haven't pulled it out at all along the length but have opened up the pattern a bit widthways. It's called Homes of Donegal.

A very warm neckwarmer from leftover Patons Jet. More textures with braid, cables and garter stitch.

Finally for the winter of textures, another beret. Breiwick, from Gudrun the Shetland trader. The link to the pattern is in the sidebar. Also on Ravelry on Shetland Trader page. I enjoyed knitting this. This is a gift. I've tried it on. That was a mistake. I just might have to make another one as I like this one myself.

I've enjoyed branching out into different textures this winter. Thanks Lynne for the push to experiment. Cables, some sample patches of different textures, patterns like this - all interesting and enjoyable.

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