Thursday, 13 August 2009

linga no longa, zara

Just before I rip it out, here's a picture of linga, from Gudrun at the Shetland Trader. The photo is in the side bar and while you're there, scroll down a couple more pictures and see Breiwick which is currently on my needles.

Linga is done in almost two balls of Zara, and the colour is really a very daffodil yellow. This photo was taken about 6:30 this morning. Flash washed out the colour, no flash made it dark. I liked knitting with Zara and will probably make another Linga. However, I disregarded one of my important knitting rules. I forgot to inspect my knitting regularly. There are two pattern repeats before the decrease shaping. The first turned out well. Details of this pattern can be seen clearly on Gudrun's blog photo. However, on the second, the marker needs to be moved over one stitch several times through the pattern repeat. I must have forgotten to move it at least one of those times and there is a terrible hash as I've obviously tried to make things work without realising my mistake.

The crowning touch was a remark made by my son. He thought the colour and lacy pattern made it look like one of those horrible toilet roll covers with a doll on top and a bright yellow skirt. I think Zara will probably turn into a scarf, I couldn't forget his remark, even without my messing up of the pattern. I wondered why I chose that colour, it's not a colour I would normally wear, although I remember a dress many years ago which I loved. It was a fairly grey day when I bought the wool and perhaps I needed the sunshine.

Breiwick is a different matter altogether. I'm using some Heirloom Merino Magic and am almost through the first ball. Pattern is easy to remember and stands out will with this wool. Pattern is also to be seen on Gudrun's blog , in the side bar. I'll pst a photo when it's done.


Anonymous said...

ow! what an unfortunate comment your son made - it is hard to shift the image, though it really doesn't look like anything of the sort, and it wont at all after it's blocked! i used to love making those dolls, my great aunt learnt how to at the cwa and taught me!

... and thanks for visting me and commenting!

Anonymous said...

hi Jan thanks for dropping by and saying hi. I know the lounge pants you mean of Amy Butler's I have a similar pattern I have had for years and I use it over and over but haven't made any with the vintage sheets what a great idea I have many and really should be brave and just cut into them and use them. I do hope to make some pants for summer. I am loving all the gorgeous things you make

Lynne said...

Hmm! It's funny how a throw-away comment can make a lasting impression, isn't it?