Monday, 31 August 2009

love lies bleeding

... or at least metres and metres of wool was on the floor this morning. Most of yesterday's knitting bit the dust , so to speak. Not quite literally, the floor had just been cleaned.

I decided that I would make a pi blanket from the Knitter's Almanac, possibly a gift for my sister whose birthday is late September.. I had very many balls of Cleckheaton Country, same colour, same dyelot. I was almost midway through the section between the fourth and fifth increase rows when I saw a mistake.

I counted and counted last night and carefully unpicked a row three times, 288 stitches each time, stitch by stitch. I could not easily see where I'd gone wrong, so left it till this morning. I'd been watching television, football actually, so I could give an account of the game to my son. He follows Canterbury and used to be fairly keen, going to games etc. He's toned down his interest a bit, but still can't pass it up completely. I had thought that feather and fan on 18 stitches which I really believe I can do with my eyes closed after the Liesl cardigan would be easy. Well, i might be able to do it with my eyes closed, but I made two mistakes while I watched the game with my eyes open.

On looking at it this morning I decided the only thing to do was take it out. Because the pattern extends over 18 stitches, the mistakes I had made carelessly could not be easily fixed by dropping down the stitches and picking up with a crochet hook.

The problem was that I had made them early in the second repeat and I was several repeats past that. So I cleaned up after breakfast and coffee, picked it up and went to a well lit space. Rip, rip. Finally I had the correct number of stitches on my needle. Now I'll be more careful.

I'm pleased with the way the whole thing is going, apart from my silly mistake, of course. It's 12 ply with only 71 metres/ball so I'm using them up quickly and the wool will go even more quickly after the next increase row when there will be more than 500 stitches/row. It's stash wool, so that is satisfying too. It will be warm and I think she'll like it. She doesn't wear gloves, scarves or hats of any sort, but I think this will be used as a shawl at the computer or on a bed. She has a significant birthday coming up and the twelfth anniversary of the discovery of breast cancer. It's returned twice and there have been other several other critical occasions caused by a suppressed immune system. She's well now.


2paw said...

Oh no, But I couldn't leave a mistake like that either. I had to start some plain socks so I could watch DVDs and knit!! Good luck with the Pi shawl, I know it will be lovely!!

Lynne said...

I'm glad you took the bull by the horns, so to speak. I sometimes keep knitting, telling myself it really doesn't matter, no-one will ever notice, etc, etc. But the further I get from the mistake, the worse it looks and, of course, I have to rip back which is what I should have done in the first place!

So, good on you for having the courage and the sense to do it as soon as you noticed!

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