Saturday, 1 August 2009

play of sun and shadow

play of sun and shadow
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Here's Aestlight taken for an outing on an absolutely beautiful August morning. It's very crisp and clear and quite chilly, especially in the shade. I love the interplay of light and shade in this as Aestlight hangs from the bare crepe myrtle with its lovely bark.
Clicking on picture will enlarge it so detail can be seen more clearly.

I've already almost finished the garter stitch triangle in the Grignasco Bambi for the next Aestlight which will definitely be much smaller. It's a lovely shade of deep green and very pleasant to knit. The wool feels great too. The romney was somewhat harsh but I notice than now it's dried, it's much more pleasant t feel than it was to knit. A put a squirt of conditioner in the water when i soaked it before blocking.


Bells said...

goodness me that's a gorgeous shawl and a gorgeous photo. The sunlight! Well done.

M-H said...

The aestlight looks great. Also, Bambi is one of my favourite light-weight yarns. Enjoy.

Kate said...

Bells said to take a look and she was right! So pretty (and I adore crepe myrtle!)