Friday, 25 September 2009

my creative space

One pi shawl, almost finished. Taken outside on my elevated balcony. I often sit out here to knit, although the weather is too extreme in the middle of both winter and summer. The view is lovely, I'm outside but sheltered. I had two disreputable old tub chairs given me when I moved out of my former home. These are outside here. They are comfortable to sit in and knit but are not in good enough condition to consider having recovered. I don't mind them out here and they are useful. They were covered in layers of dust from the dust storm the other day and needed a good clean.

I'll be pleased to be finished this shawl. It's been fairly mindless knitting for the latter part of it and I still have about a quarter of the garter stitch border to do.


2paw said...

I saw all the dust on the ABC news, it looked a little scary.

I want to knit a Pi shawl, that's me, want, want, want, all the time!!! Your shawl looks so beautiful draped there, the lace is so pretty. Happy border finishing.

Lynne said...

I made a pi shawl once - only mine was square [on purpose]. Yours is looking lovely but I'm sure it's a long way round by now!

I haven't got around to cleaning anything yet. I was ill yesterday; I had the worst sinus headache/face-ache that I've ever had. I had to take the day off work - my second in five years! I'm sure I have a mild case of conjunctivitis - I could hardly open my eyes even though there was no sticky residue! I am allergic to house dust so perhaps I was having an allergic reaction to Wednesday! My face is quite swollen, especially my eyes, so it's quite possible!

Jan said...

Hope you feel better by now, Lynne. I had problems too and am thankful I have only sinus troubles, not asthma. Have had sinus stuff since I was a toddler with operations to help!

Bells said...

you're doing the fully patterned one! Fantastic. One day I will do one too - the last time I tried it was in a slightly variegated malabrigo laceweight and it just didn't work to have a pattern in it. But yours is going to look fab!