Tuesday, 15 September 2009

not knitting, for a change

Corrie, at Retromummy has been tempting me for ages with beautiful fabrics for children's clothing. When I saw these, I couldn't resist. After all, I'm a French teacher by training as well as Latin and English, even a bit of emergency German teaching too. Miss Nine has been learning French all year in Grade 3 and is very taken with things French. DIL brought her home a small model of the Eiffel Tower when she was in Europe recently and Miss 9 was thrilled. Off it went for show and tell. Needless to say, I'm encouraging her and we have very basic conversations. She thinks it's cool to get a head start on her class mates like this. Fancy grandma being able to be relevant!! All of the Parisian pieces will become little skirts for the girls and be added to their Christmas presents. A hem, a seam and a waistband, or more likely, some elastic to allow for growth and there's a skirt.

This particular design which shows views inside a Parisian apartment was going to be for Miss 9 but I think I'll give it to her elder cousin who is just 7 and very much a pink girly girl. If I'm feeling energetic, it may get a pink ruffle around the bottom to match.
I can't have read Corrie's description when I ordered this. It is certainly the design I ordered, but I didn't realise it is linen. That means that I'll make it up for Miss 9, instead of the apartment scenes shown above. Her mum is very careful about washing and everything which looks as if it might need ironing is ironed. When I knit for those children, I don't mind using wool which needs careful treatment, as I know she will look after them. Everything for the others is machine wash from me. Linen really needs pressing or it just looks crumpled. This DIL irons good clothes and party dresses for the family, but everyday clothing usually is washed and worn, unless it really desperately needs an iron. I think Miss 9 will enjoy the little Eiffel Towers scattered over the material. I think this is gorgeous. Well, actually they all are.

This is for my youngest granddaughter who will be not much over 5 when Christmas arrives. I'm not sure whether I'll make a skirt. I like the fact that this set of pictures is really a border. What I see in my imagination is a cute little sundress. Not much shaping at the top, perhaps a small cutout for the bottom of the armpit and some binding all around. Shoestring straps over the shoulders which will tie to allow for adjustment.

She's a good deal shorter than her sister or cousin although she's currently going through a growth spurt so this would work as a dress as well as a skirt. I was over there minding them on Saturday night while their parents were out for dinner. She's quite blonde with a very cute new, short hairstyle and a lovely smile. This colour will suit her really well.

Around the bottom is the French Comment allez-vous? Je vais bien. How are you? I'm well.

Now let's cross the English Channel. There were some surprises in my parcel. The chocolate éclair lollies are nowhere to be seen! They didn't last very long at all. I rarely buy myself sweet things, but these were yummy. This material is very English. There are Guardsmen marching stiffly along, tourist attractions in London,rows of little teapots and lots of red white and blue. As this was a total surprise, very pleasing too, I have no plans for it yet. I'm thinking perhaps some appliqué patches using bits of it. We'll see, it will keep.

All was well packed and arrived here very quickly after my order. It's a pleasure to do business with Corrie. I don't know where she finds time to do all this, along with the beautiful sewing, knitting, quilting etc which she also does. She has a gorgeous little girl, not long three years old, and twins, a boy and a girl, just over one year old. Busy, busy.


Lynne said...

Les fabriques sont tres jolie!

My French is a little rusty so I hope that was meaningful and almost grammatical!

I like them all but I love that one you are planning to turn into a sundress - great idea for such a cute border print!

I may have to re-aquaint myself with my sewing machine [I was already thinking that when 16 week pregnant DD and I took our trip to Newtown on Saturday!!]

Corrie said...

its a pleasure having you as a customer jan! did you want to swap the linen??? I'm happy to swap for another one if you want just let me know

I have a real soft spot for the french designs and so do the japanese!!!

I'm turning the british one into a teatowel and it would also make cute pockets, appliques or purses!!!