Monday, 7 September 2009

where the wild things are

The local post office is about 15 minutes walk from here in a group of four shops. I had to go there today to post my neckwarmer and Breiwick beret to a friend in NZ. There's the Post Office, the National Trust shop and the Crewel Gobelin and a small coffee shop. There must be many people up here who do embroidery of one sort or another. There are almost always several customers in the needlework shop with the clever name and they have a range of absolutely beautiful stuff. I do some cross stitching but am far from skilled at this and need to do it in the daylight so I can see properly.

They usually have no knitting stuff at all, Greta's down the road handles all that well, but today as I walked past I saw this book in their window. I bought it almost just for the photos in it. Some of these tea cosies are as way out as the beanies for the Beanie competition at Alice Springs. Apparently the owner of the shop likes what the assistant called "quirky" things so gets a copy of this from time to time. It is hardly in the window than it's sold, apparently.

You can see the back cover. What a lot of designs there are. The author has a blog and I see she is in Exeter in the Southern Highlands next month for the Crazy Cosies Competition. I'll be in Mittagong for that day in the morning and my friend and I usually have a bit of a drive and coffee before returning home in the afternoon. I think I'll ask him if he'd like a trip to Exeter which is not that far away and we'll go there after seeing our friends. I wish I'd known she'd been doing a workshop at Frensham School last month, also at Mittagong. We drive past there up the side road to get to friends.

I decided I'd have a coffee in the coffee shop there and read my book while I drank my coffee. However, the local council is renovating the Marian Street Theatre which it owns, and the shop was full of workmen having lunch from the theatre over the road, so I returned home and DIL and I had a good giggle over the photos. She also is a fan of "quirky" things.

It was a pleasant walk. Up the highway is a sign proclaiming the suburb name. There's a pub, a pool shop and a lighting shop. I think everything else is closed. The station has no shops. The place is very quiet there with bushy trees and some big old houses. The four shops I went to are on my way to the station, about a kilometre down from the highway. Pleasant, leafy and fairly quiet. What's even better is that this walk is basically flat, something unusual around here.


Lynne said...

An embroidery shop in a set of four shops? Wow! they must be good to stay in business!

That book does look very interesting!

Rose Red said...

It's a great book isn't it - I have it (but am slightly ashamed to admit I haven't made anything from it - yet!)

2paw said...

Is there a tea cosy made entirely from pompoms?? Sounds like a nice stroll to the shops!!