Monday, 19 October 2009

around the traps

Just a few things around the place.

what's hot

neatly rolled ball of wool

Good risotto

shiny hair

echidna in the garden

what's not

tangled mess from badly skeined wool

lentil leftovers

change of season psoriasis flare

dead possum (runover by car) in driveway

A friend who's lived in Queensland for many years is starting a new job next year in a beautiful rural are of Victoria. She's down in Sydney at a conference and I'm meeting her for lunch so have made her this scarf. I figure she may well be feeling the cold next winter. It's Colinette mohair from Wales and is very soft. I had a terrible job to get the colours in the photo to match what my eyes see. In the end I gave up on the task.

Here it looks red and black. Fire engine red in fact. It's nothing like that. It's a crimson and what seems to be black is actually flashes of purple. Super easy to do, almost mindless. Knit three rows garter stitch. Next row, wrap wool around needles twice for every stitch to make the dropped stitch effect. It knitted up very quickly, helped by the fact that there are only twenty stitches per row.

This is the set up few rows and first couple of pattern repeats for Evelyn Clark's Shetland Triangle shawl. Again it's a very simple pattern and I really only need to check the first few stitches of the row. She remarks that the pattern causes puckering as it pulls in a lot. She also suggests using a bigger needle than might otherwise be chosen.

This is Bendigo 4 ply luxury. Colour is called Ice which will probably be overdyed. Suggested needle size is 3.25 mm and I'm using 4.5 mm here. Puckering can definitely be seen. However, I'm going to rip it out and use 4 mm. I'm not happy with the sloppy looking stocking stitch and I'll give the smaller needle a try. If it looks as if the puckering will block out, I'll stick to it. She suggests heavy blocking. I've seen lots of this design photographed and they look fine after blocking. This is to be a present for one DIL so it's fortunate it's an easy pattern and quick to do. There's a lot going on in this household before Christmas. Repeats are ten rows long and the edging last few rows can be started after any ten rows are finished.


2paw said...

What's weird and co-incidental: Today at The Library I spotted the Wrap Style book and I have wanted for ages to knit a Shetland Triangle so I borrowed it and I have been contemplating it today!! Yours looks so lovely I am confirmed in my desire!!

Lynne said...

You could, of course, knit *ahem* a sample square and see how it blocks but I guess you don't want to hear that!

Bells said...

Oh how i love shetland triangle. It always makes me happy to see someone starting it. such a great pattern - and in Bendigo Luxury! Inspired!