Tuesday, 6 October 2009

belated birthday present

My brother, who lives fairly close to me, arrived last night with a belated birthday present for me from my sister who lives on the mid-North Coast.

Isn't this cute? I've never seen anything like this before, although obviously such designs are around. (Added later) Shows I haven't been to Sp*light in a long time. MY sister just told me she bought it there in the shop in Taree.

The pretty box was not only very strong and protective but was also an indication of the contents. Pink ribbing all over the box. It's labelled, "Knit one, Sip one."

The mug also is pink ribbed. There's a small logo inside the top lip and the handle has the same words written vertically. I'm fussy about mugs as sometimes the top is too thick for me to enjoy drinking from it. This hwever is just right. The mug is a good size and the handle is easy to hold.

I've emailed her my thanks and asked her where she found it. Sp*tlight, apparently.


TinkingBell said...

Kewl! That's a fun one - and pink knitting (don't tell my daughter!)

2paw said...

I have a cup like that except mine is green, I am fussy about cups too and it is really nice to drink from. Nice present!!

Bells said...

I love it!I'll have to look out for one for myself or for gifts. And happy birthday!

Lynne said...

Mine has a ball of yarn and some needles on it and says, "If I knit fast enough does it count as exercise?"

I've never used it - I drink my tea black and it stains white porcelein very badly!