Monday, 5 October 2009

creative space, take 2

I took advantage of a break in teh rain to run outside and photograph Travelling Woman off the needles. I'm happy with her and the extra size because of my additions to the original patter. I increased both lengthways and across the width. I like the extra width as it's then easy to tie the shawl around my shoulders and across the front. If I do this again, I think I'd not do the super stretchy cast off, but just cast off normally but being careful to keep it loose. There is, even after blocking, a slight outwards bow in the centre of the top edge.
As I said earlier, I enjoy working with this yarn and like the drape it gives. When blocked, it shows the pattern quite well but is warmer than laceweight. The centre increases are stopped once the lace pattern begins. The pattern repeats make the centre fall in the middle of a repeat, rather than having a repeat each side of the centre. The horseshoe pattern is easy and intuitive once the pattern is on the way. The edge is not difficult, just requires attention to accurate counting of stitches and remembering to do an increase each end between garter edge and actual shawl beginning. The original pattern suggests about 350 metres. The large balls of Bendigo 4 ply luxury carry 720 metres. I still have 288 metres left, based on weight so I've used about 430 metres in the larger shawl.

I've decided that I like this type of shawl construction, (funny that. I've made several different patterns all using this method). However I feel that only two garter stitches as the border is too narrow. I think four or five would be better, especially considering that this is the top edge which would take any stretch and strain from just wearing it.


Lynne said...

It's beautiful. Well done - I'm glad you're happy with the size.

2paw said...

Thank you for the beautiful photo of your shawl. I think it looks lovely, the lace pattern is very pretty.

Bells said...

it's beautiful. A shawl made out of luxury? that's such a great idea. I think I'll do the same!