Monday, 12 October 2009

creative space

This little cotton top is for Miss 7, my middle granddaughter. She's very skinny and quite tall for her age so I've made it longish. It can be worn over leggings or shorts. An easy knit, top down so no seams. The yarn is Wendy Supreme DK cotton. Stash yarn again! Yay! The bottom row of eyelets was done to match the top row, just after the ribbing yoke. The yoke is actually YOs to double the stitches while the bottom row is YO, knit 2 together. This was a last minute thought. If I did it again, I think I'd put a couple of such rows, but several centimetres higher.

It's fairly easy to knit on my fingers but I was not impressed with knots in it. The first ball had three knots in it. Not happy, Jan, to quote the saying from the advertisement.

Actually I just looked at this photo properly. The saying is that cameras don't lie. Well mine often lies about the colour and it must be the angle of the photo which is wrong here. While I have made it longish so she can wear it over tights or leggings, it nowhere near as elongated as this picture makes it out to be.


2paw said...

I love the top and it will be very trendy!! And in saying that I think I have revealed that I am so NOT trendy!!! I dislike knots, I hate breaky wool too. I just knitted with some relatively cheap wool and it kept breaking. Most annoying.
Cameras lie all the time?? No, surely not!!!!

Lynne said...

It's a cute top.

And I believe photographers call it foreshortening!