Friday, 23 October 2009

hello, possums!

This is still my blog, not Dame Edna's!

The possums have been active and noisy now that spring is here. It's been quite cold, so the bathroom window has not usually been as open as this photo shows. I'm actually standing in the shower recess to take this. We enjoy the window open and the view onto trees, and it's actually quite private. This view is one of the things we will miss when we move as the places on the shortlist of purchases are quite different to this.

However, we have to remember to close it at night. Otherwise it's a highway for possums who think there could well be something good in the house.

While sitting on the balcony eating my cheese and salad sandwich for lunch yesterday, a currawong flew down next to me and demanded a share. We don't feed the wildlife (of any variety) intentionally. It's not good for them and there's plenty of bushy areas around for food, along with Lane Cove National Park. Then i noticed two more in the jacaranda a metre from the balcony and soon there were three kookaburras as well. Again, nothing for them. They did not do their usual call but a different one, softer and almost saying, "Tch, tch tch! Where's our share?"

Sorry, just noticed I didn't rotate the photo! You'll need to turn your head sideways.
The roof below is part of the kitchen. We've never seen just what route the possums take to get in. They can get onto this roof quite easily but it's an awkward jump on an angle to get through the window. There's a large drainpipe on the wall outside and perhaps they climb up that. However possum mums are not always good at taking care of their offspring. Fortunately the shower screen door was shut when the baby ringtail climbed in! A chair was again put in the shower, there was no way of easily catching the little thing, and we closed both shower door and bathroom door and left the baby to find its own way out. Then back to bed.

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Lynne said...

You will have some wonderful memories to take with you!