Friday, 30 October 2009

long lacy summer

I've been poking around in my patterns and books and on the net for a start to my long lacy summer  hosted by Bells.  As I said in yesterday's entry, I had a bad case of the blahs then.  It's amazing what some good news re house purchase and a decent sleep can do.  Today I opened up my Victorian Lace Today* and was overwhelmed by options there.

I've chosen this one which, for those of you with the book, is on page 104.  It has some detail to keep my interest  as I watch the outside border of diamonds taking shape.  The inner part is really only eight stitches wide, although there is a caution to be careful in the two row repeat so the insertion alternates properly.  The pattern is marked for experienced lace knitters while others are for intermediate and seem more complicated.  The picture is a bit blurry from teh extremely glossy page it's printed on and I was also trying to avoid showing pattern notes.  My background makes me wary of violating copyright!

I find an easy way to mark the right side and therefore row 1 of that inner pattern, is to use a different stitch marker at the beginning of that row.  Either a different colour or even a totally different marker to the others used.

I love this book.  When I get my own place, it's likely to end up as a coffee table book to sigh and drool over the beautiful photography.  Bells' photos of her Myrtle shawl are a take off or spoof of the  photos in the book.  Actually, I'll say her photos are modelled on the book's.  Her Myrtle shawl is absolutely beautiful, nothing like  a spoof.

That was close.  I opened the book to get publication details and out fell my copy of the errata for the book.  That design is mentioned, so I'll amend my photocopy of the pattern.  I hadn't thought to check.

*Victorian Lace Today, Sowerby J., XRX Inc., South Dakota, 2006, 2009


2paw said...

Good news all round then!! I am sure your lacy choice will be fine. I loves Bells' pictures, they were funny, but lovely. Is this a magic post or a real one???

Lynne said...

Yep, I too love the photos and think it's a great coffee table book; except if people actually use the coffee table for cups of coffee [as they do here] - then it's safer on the bookshelf!! LOL

Bells said...

Excellent choice Jan! that's gonna be gorgeous!

You know, the 21 year old girl I work with had to be told that the photos were a spoof or a tribute - she thought I was seriously trying to be a model. Oh dear, young people.

Rose Red said...

You can't go wrong with a pattern from VLT, they are all so gorgeous.

I'm really glad your son and DIL got the house they wanted, that must be such a relief.