Thursday, 29 October 2009


This entry is little more than a placeholder.  There are three days left till the end of the month.  As I'll be away at the weekend, I've already scheduled a post to appear, like magic, on Saturday, October 31st.  So that just leaves today and tomorrow.

However, today I have woken with a case of the blahs.  I think a large part of this is due to the lack of sleep last night.  I woke up just forty minutes after I'd gone to bed and was wide awake.  Got myself some warm milk and honey, first time in years for that, and went back to bed.  I spent the next few hours alternating 30 minute naps and 30 minutes being awake.  Then, when I normally fall soundly asleep if something like that happens, I woke right up.  I acknowledged defeat and had a shower at 6:00.

Unfortunately I don't think my second Shetland Lace Triangle will be finished for the weekend.  There are just  a few rows to go on the last pattern repeat and then sixteen rows of border knitting.  I've been picking it up and knitting in a desultory manner all morning.  It was when I saw I'd done almost a complete row, over 200 stitches, and had done original increases but no pattern all across the row that I thought I should put it down.  I did tink back that row.

I've been looking at my lace books to see what appeals for another Lacy Summer.  However,  the blahs have spread there too.  An early night is in order.

We've been busy here packing and sorting.  Son and DIL want to buy.  Their own home is rented on a long lease and they are happy with that, but they don't want to rent.  Ideally they want a large converted warehouse or else something which would be good for a couple of years and then used to add to their investment properties they already have.  DIL has been looking for ages.  Some places are almost beyond belief.  Extremely expensive, absolutely appallingly presented or both together.  In several places she looked at last weekend, she had to pick her way over dirty underwear on the floor!  YUK.

Then we found one, well designed, good use of space, very good condition, nothing needed to be done to it.  Underpriced for a quick sale. Thanks to some bungling by an unethical agent walking a hair's breadth on the right side of the law, they may have lost it.  We'll probably know late this afternoon.  She has turned up  two others, but neither is as good as this one.  While it appears to be a townhouse, it is Torrens title, not strata.  It's over 4 levels which sort of interleave over each other.  Bottom layer is a very big garage which would mean she could have a studio down there and still have parking. Separate toilet there.

 Next level opens to outside front and back and has biggish dining and living areas and a very good kitchen. All double glazed.  Up a level to two big bedrooms with a small sunroom off one of them.  An ensuite to that bedroom, a separate laundry and another full bathroom.  Top level is master suite with an ensuite and a dressing room as big as one of the bedrooms below it.  That opens onto a large terrace with privacy screens.  Again, all double glazed for quiet and all bedrooms also have built in wardrobes.

Area fills all their conditions and is close to all they want.  So here's hoping we still get it.  I think stress over this is probably behind the poor sleep and the blahs.  So I've actually put the knitting aside today.

Later:They got the house they wanted.  Here are some pictures.  As it's now been marked sold, i don't know how long link will be active.


2paw said...

Fingers crossed that it all goes well with the house. The buying of a house is a very stressful time. I hate not being able to sleep. It makes me feel awful: maybe you will sleep like a log tonight??? Oh no, a whole row?? You must have been too tired to concentrate. Will wait for your 'magic' posts to appear, I did one of those too!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynne said...

Have a great weekend - hope it clears away the blahs!