Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Tuesday, 20/10/09

Twenty days of blogtoberfest gone. Nw I'll have to think some more about posts as I had over a week's worth booked up to post automatically. It's been good as things are on the move here and time is tightening. DIL is determined she will not move some of her things for the third time. We've been sorting. Some has gone on ebay. Some will be dumped and some will be given away.

My books have been packed for a long time. She's working her way through her many thousands and removing things she can get rid of one way or another. So far she has culled probably two hundred. I would not call her a hoarder but she keeps things for the many children's activities she does. She also recycles lots and frequents Reverse Garbage in Marrickville for bargains. so lots of her bits and pieces are just that, bits and pieces and awkward to pack. However, we are getting there. Now to decide where we will move to.

Blogtoberfest has been good. I've spread my reading around and found lots of great blogs by other crafters.


Bells said...

yep 20 days in and we're doing ok!

Moving is a good time for sorting although it's just so tiresome!

Lynne said...

A collector of interesting bits and pieces is always going to find packing a challenge!

2paw said...

You are doing so well at your Blogtober blogging!! Sadly, I have fallen down on the blog reading, very badly.