Wednesday, 4 November 2009

lacy summer not so lacy

Goodness me, Blogtoberfest is over but I'm still posting daily.

I think my brain is working overtime on moving house.  Without being  conscious of dwelling on the topic, I find little bits and pieces keep cropping up.  Suggestions, queries, size of areas etc, thoughts I've had.

As a result, my brain is not coping well with lace yet.  I have cast on several times for two patterns from Victorian Lace Today.  I've gone varying distances before fouling things up and ripping it out.  Last night I tried a simple pattern to  make a scarf.  Still  a mess.

Today I walked down to Greta's at Lindfield and bought some more Grignasco Bambi in the dark green I used on one of my Aestlight shawls.  I've cast on and done about thirty rows of Evelyn Clark's  Heart to Heart Lace Scarf.  I've done this in black before for me, and the green should work well and be easier to see.  So far, so good.

Perhaps I'll ease into this summer and I think it might not be till the Christmas break that I get stuck into something more involved.  Then we'll have moved.  Moving date has been fixed at 16/12.  BY Christmas I'll be looking for some respite from unpacking,  I think.

I need to block the Shetland Triangle I did in the 8 ply.  That too may wait till things are more ettled.

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Bells said...

honestly it sounds like you're so flat out this sounds like a sensible plan!