Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Llani, lacy foliage scarf

At long last Llani is finished.  I found this to be a frustrating knit, although I like the end result.  I had to buy another ball of yarn and even then I have not put the arrowheads on the sleeve cuffs as I thought I might again run out of yarn.  Actually, it hasn't really taken all that long, it just seems like it.

I found the arrowheads which are what make the garment stand out from many similar patterns,  quite annoying to do.  The first lot were done without any need for a cable needle, but the next reverse section definitely needed one.  Needed the cable needle once in every three stitches so lots of using it.  The cotton pulled and stretched  unless I was very careful in the cabling.

On the other hand, I just love the colour of this yarn.  It will suit youngest granddaughter, now just five, perfectly.  She's  the odd one out in her colouring of all the five cousins.  She's pale and blonde with an often wistful glance.

The second picture is the lacy foliage scarf from Evelyn Clark, done in sock wool.  The colour is called Lava but is an apricot/orange mix.  This does not really show against the blonde brick.  This is for the present basket which is currently well understocked.

I wrote to Interweave Knits about the appalling set out of the Lacy Kerchief scarf which I detailed in the post below.  No reply as yet.  After emailing them,  I sat down with pen and paper and spent over an hour working through the messy pattern.

I put a bracket around the beginning and close of each of the pattern sections, then wrote a précis of each of those sections.  I have numbered both the sections as I re-wrote them and in the original printout.  All pages are now stapled together and when I have some time and inclination. I'll type up  the results of my perusal of the pattern.

The scarf itself is coming along nicely now I've sorted the directions.  The inner garter stitch pattern increases by one yarn over every six rows of an eight row pattern.  When I do it again, I'll work out a better ratio of increase.  It's a very gradual  increase in the curve, very, very gradual.  It's awkward to be increasing every sixth row out of eight.  I wrote out the sequence and now mark each time.  When I repeat the pattern, I'll omit the yarn over, two stitches from the end of the section and do a knit front and back.  I would prefer the section to be unbroken by the yarnovers.  Live and learn and test out patterns for modifications.


Bells said...

gosh that's a lot of work sorting out a pattern to make it more user-friendly. I admire your persistence!

Linda said...

Very nice work.

I have not had a lot of luck with Interwaeve repsonding to my emails about pattern problems. I knit the Elemental boatneck from the Spring issue and 2 of 3 charts were wrong. I exchanged emails with the designer, so I do know that I am correct and they were wrong. I never did hear back from them and only 1 chart was corrected of the 2 incorrect ones on the site. I sent a follow up email aksing why they hadn't corrected the other chart and had no repsonse from them at all regarding that. Very frustrating and insulting.

Lynne said...

Wow, that's commitment to your knitting!

Anonymous said...

Why did you name this "Llani?" That's my name.