Friday, 20 November 2009

more prizes

I have had a windfall of prizes over the last few weeks, unexpected but very welcome. I've never been what
some would call a lucky person and rarely win raffles and such 

things. These prizes, three of which came from giveaways on blogs have been very welcome indeed.

This year has been very hard with many unbloggable things. An 
unscheduled move and purchase of a house was a shock to all of 
us. Son owns a couple of houses and several units, all rented, but 
the purchase of a home at this time was not planned. Moving 
house with fewer than ten days to Christmas was definitely not on 
the cards. However, life throws these things sometimes and the 
three of us here have been affected by the stress and rush.  

Mum's death a few months ago was hard and although we all knew 
last Christmas that we would not have her for this Christmas, the 
reality of her absence has hit me strongly lately. Again I would say 
thank you to these generous bloggers.

Cashmere! Two balls of the softest pale aqua. Luxury on the skin, 
indeed. Thank you, Jen, from A Little Bit Crafty. When DIL brought this home from the post office yesterday, we both oohed and aahed over its softness. I'm envisaging myself, all unpacked, sitting 
relaxing and enjoying knitting this as a featherweight shawl, soft as gossamer. It was wrapped in the material you can see in the photo and the flowers on the material match the cashmere. Another 
 nudge towards more sewing, I feel.

This was not from a giveaway, but was one of the 
many generous prizes donated to knitters who took 
part in the Cancer Council's Relay for Life in West Australia. There were some very generous donors indeed and tickets were allocated to those who made a 
donation through the knitting group. They had 
anticipated raising $1000. Instead, a total of over 
$4000 was raised. Well done! Those participating 
knitted as they did the relay and gave the results of 
this knitting to charity too.

This beautiful yarn is 50% cashmere and 50% silk. It's a very vibrant aqua, more so than shows here. DIL's 
comment was that I needed to keep a close watch on this, as it just might disappear. I taught her to knit a couple of years ago and she's done a beautiful 
handspun scarf for herself. She's really too busy to 
absorb herself in knitting, but that didn't stop her 
eyeing off this yarn.

I donate to this charity every year and hadn't done so this year yet when I heard about those knitters. I was very happy to make a donation and would have done so without any incentive of prizes. The yarn is from Posh Yarn, dyed in Wales. There are 1300 yards here and 
I'm going to let this sit in the back of my mind while I work out what I want to do with it. Thank you again.

On a different note - I've had a great deal of trouble formatting this entry today. Any one else having trouble with blogger? It seems to be related to the breakjump function now introduced. That's the last icon on the 
line in the compose page. It should give a small amount of writing and then a jump to the rest of the entry 
which is concealed. What I'm getting is words split over two lines which require an actual return to write the
word as a whole. There seem to be many forum entries about this facility and its ability to mess posts 
around. Refomatting and changing the justification hasn't helped so I've fixed things manually. (hopefully)


Bells said...

Blogger was ok for me tonight but sometimes it can be very, very slow.

I'm so glad you won nice things. You so deserve it. One of the nicest people I 'know' on the internet and yes, you've had a very rough time from the little bits I know. You deserve those little things that bring a smile to your face!

TinkingBell said...

How lovely - and what gorgeous loot - I too was a benficiary of the lovely Jen and will blog soon - I'm sure you'll have a lovely time with them!

Lynne said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Blogger can be a bit frustrating at times! Has the spellcheck completely gone? I can't seem to find it!