Friday, 13 November 2009

please miss, the dog ate my homework

When I was teaching , this was one excuse that I wasn't given, although there were others somewhat like it.  Just about as credible.

What I'm about to relate is probably just as credible as the dog story, but, let me assure you, it's quite true!

Yesterday I wrote about the fourteen rows I had done in laceweight wool on a shawl.  No problems at all. My  mind  and fingers worked well together and I thought I was over  the problems of a few weeks ago.

I did that knitting on the balcony in the good light from the afternoon sun.  The yarn is deep green and stitches weren't easy to see when I was inside, particularly when doing nupps even over a small number of stitches.  I'd been shopping earlier and bought a small easy carve leg of lamb which I marinaded and we cooked on our snazzy new little BBQ.  When I did this, I put the knitting and the stapled pages of instructions on a chair outside, away from the food.  This chair had its back to the way the wind comes.  We ate dinner to a marvellous light show of spectacular lightning from a thunderstorm.  The temperature dropped and later on in the evening a southerly change came through with some wind.

This morning I went out on to the balcony to get my knitting.  It wasn't on the chair.  Now I know laceweight is light, but it was attached to quite a large ball of wool.  I eventually found it.  It had been blown off the chair and was caught up in some candlesticks and other odd shaped bits and pieces which had been put there to be all packed together.  It was a tangled mess!  The dog had really eaten it.  It was definitely in no shape to be continued.  I tried to sort it, but ended up discarding what I had done.

Then I looked for the five stapled pattern pages.  They were nowhere to be found.  They had been blown over balcony rail and they apparently sailed through the air.  I found them about ten metres away in a pile of leaves under a tree.

So next time you hear that excuse about the homework and the dog, spare a thought for the one presenting such a sorry tale.  It or its equivalent might just be true!


2paw said...

Oh no!! MrsDrWho's cats ate her students' homework!! After your lovely start too. I hope you can find the heart to start again.

Bells said...

oh dear - what a tragic thing to happen to your lace!! I'm horrified for you!

Lynne said...

Oh no!!!!!!!!!