Thursday, 12 November 2009

shetland lace triangle

This is the second Shetland lace triangle shawl I've done from Evelyn Clark.  This is done on 5 mm KP needles with Naturally Harmony 8 ply from New Zealand. It took just under 600 metres of wool.  It's a silvery grey and since blocking, it feels very soft.  I have no intended recipient for this yet, but it will be packed away and I'm sure the right person will turn up in due time. I'm counting this as part of my Summer of Lace knitting.

Packed away is the right word.  In a fit of efficiency and zeal a few days ago, I packed all my bits and pieces from sewing like buttons, thread, elastic etc.  I know sewing makes a mess but I don't enjoy sewing in a mess and probably will wait till I've unpacked before I do more.  However I was just too efficient for my own good.

After the shawl dried from blocking I went to get my wool needles to darn in the ends from new skeins.  Rats!  I had packed them too.  I was out shopping today and went into the wool shop at Hornsby to ask about something.  I totally forgot to buy some more needles.  Sewing in those ends is something which will have to wait till I'm unpacked or till I remember to buy some more needles.

Now listen carefully, I will say this only once and very, very quietly, as the old comedy Allo, 'allo  would say.

I tried several times to do some laceweight knitting a couple of weeks ago.  I got myself in a terrible mess although last year I was quite capable of using this weight.  Last night I gave myself a stern talking to and declared that yes, I could and would do this.  Now I have known several people who have messed themselves up a lot by using such tactics, even if it was not for knitting.  They have gone quite over the top in their declarations and fallen apart when they could not fulfil them or they didn't magically eventuate.  I use the word "magically" deliberately because that is basically what they were doing.  However, I have no intention of being like that at all.  I am just reminding myself that this is not beyond me.

I have started some more lace weight knitting for the Summer of Lace.  So far I have done the set-up fourteen rows and all has gone well.  A few weeks ago I ripped back several attempts well before fourteen rows were done.  Hopefully progress reports will follow.


2paw said...

Nice shawl, I can never find a bodkin when I need one even though I must have 10!!!
Well done with the fourteen rows of lace. Sometime you just have to bite the bullet and believe you can do it.

Lynne said...

I can relate to what you're saying. Remember the Myrtle Leaf shawl I knitted for DD's wedding? I can't remember how many times I had to rip that back and start from scratch - even when I had lifelines in!! I sympathise and empathise but I also agree - you can do it!

Bells said...

ok i'm reading posts backwards and now I know what happened to the laceweight you mention starting here and I'm sad!