Monday, 16 November 2009

slackford sock yarn

I've been enjoying knitting blogs for many years now, since I came back to knitting.  The forerunner of this blog was started in 2004 on the old Blogger platform.  One of the first I started to read was Stitches of Violet by Marguerite in Michigan, USA.  While I used to read a great many  USA blogs, I have cut down and now concentrate on Aussie bloggers.  However, I have continued to read Marguerite's blog all along.  She has lovely socks, great jumpers, pictures of the birds nesting on her property, chitchat about her dogs.  Her blog started around the same time as my first use of Blogger.

Here's a picture of one of the first pairs of socks I made.  They are called Old Shale socks, made from one of her original patterns, still in her sidebar.  I think I changed the heel to a square, possibly Dutch heel.  Under the turnback cuff is ribbing, giving the sock a comfortable fit.  These were a well received gift.

I first started charity knitting at a suggestion in her blog.  She makes many items for Children in Common which takes them to orphanages in Russia where it is bitterly cold in winter, even inside with little or no heating.  I did send socks but now support Aussie charities.  It was very expensive to send even small items to the USA, money which I could spend on more yarn for homegrown charities.

All this leads to my latest acquisition, Slackford Studio sock yarn.  Marguerite had three skeins of this lovely wool to give away.  We were asked to say how long we had been reading her blog.  As she had a date on her Old Shale pattern, I knew it was before that time.  I won this lovely yarn which arrived in the PO box a few days ago.

The photo was taken at 5:30 am this morning and the yarn is slightly lighter in colour than shows here.  Colour is aptly named "Meadow."  I think it's crying out for a leafy, lacy pattern.  I have several which could suit and I know there are plenty of others around.  I'm putting the yarn to the back of my mind because I can't start them right now.  Usually when I do this, the ideas roll around in my subconscious and finally just the right pattern emerges.

It's wonderfully soft to the touch and feels great.  With it came the pretty envelope which has a business card inside and two stitch markers  in green, matching the yarn.  I've lost a couple of stitch markers recently, so these replacements are very welcome.  Thank you, Marguerite for this.


2paw said...

What a lovely stroll down memory lane!! The wool is gorgeous and definitely needs a leafy pattern!!

Marguerite said...

The pretty spring green yarn looks like it belongs in your spring season.

I'm so glad the random number generator selected a long time reader. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the yarn, but I understand that sometimes having something nice in the stash gives just as much pleasure as knitting it up.

Virginia G said...

Love the color of that yarn! A lacy pattern will suit it beautifully.

Lynne said...

A beautiful prize indeed.

Like you I try to confine myself to Aussie blogs but a few from the US have slipped in there!

Nathalie said...

Can I suggest the embossed leaves pattern by Mona Schmidt - it is quicker and easier than it looks! Lovely yarn!